Frequently Asked Questions

C2 Guard Information

What’s so special about C2 Guard and how does it work?

What is nanoparticle technology and why does C2 Guard employ this technology?

Why should I use C2 Guard versus other products on the market?

Is C2 Guard cost-effective?

How do I properly prepare the surface (wood or concrete) before applying C2 Guard?

How safe is C2 Guard? Is it toxic?

Why is it recommended to wait up to 6 months before waterproofing a pressure-treated lumber surface?

Is C2 Guard a silicone, latex or acrylic?

Can C2 Guard prevent airborne mold?

What does "beading" really mean?

What does "two coats, wet on damp" mean?

Will C2 Guard for Wood, tinted to a color, fade like other stains?

I like the color of wood "as-is." Will C2 Guard in clear maintain this color?

How soon after rainfall or pressure washing can I apply C2 Guard?

Can I apply C2 Guard in full sun?

How often will I have to re-coat with C2 Guard?

Where can I use C2 Guard?

Does C2 Guard have color or is it a clear coat?

Can I use C2 Guard on composite decking and will it help eliminate mold and mildew problems?

Can I use C2 Guard on my boat and/or deck?

Can I paint on top of C2 Guard?

Where can I get C2 Guard?