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Whether you are a designer or DIY'er, we know designing the perfect bedroom takes more than just topping the latest Casper mattress with a gazillion decorative pillows (though that's another talent altogether).

As it turns out, creating an idyllic setting for the bedroom is more important to our psyche than we think. No matter your personal style, one thing is for sure: bedrooms serve as a personal oasis, allowing us to de-stress and relax ahead of a restful night’s sleep.

According to ColorPsychology.org, “The colors which surround us have differing impacts on our behavior and mood. (1)” So, it’s very important to select colors that match the mood one has intended for every room of the home.

Here are our top seven calming bedroom colors that will leave you feeling zen-ergized.

Icy Blue

Muted blues are known to be the best colors for creating an optimal environment for sleep. They exude calm, cool, and collectedness. And their versatility extends way beyond baby nursery’s, too. We love beautiful shades of icy and soft blue as “new neutrals” to pair with metal, wood, or just about any decor style. We recommend Nuance (C2-724) and Argon (C2-771).


Ahh, lavender. One look at this tranquil hue and you can envision a sea of the fragrant blooms that it’s named for. This is one of our absolute favorites for the bedroom and is as sophisticated, feminine and romantic as it is calming. We recommend checking out Idyllic (C2-786) and also adding in some lavender oils or candles for maximum relaxation.

Neutral Green

Greens may seem like an unlikely indoor color, but according to Nest Maven, the right hues can “signify comfort and relaxation”, just as easily as go-to blues can. Look no further than chill tones like sage and pale pistachio to see (and feel) what we mean. Peppermint (C2-714) and Haddon Hall (C2-978) paint a tranquil scene for an optimal — and stylish —night’s sleep.

Peppermint (C2-714)


Photo: House Beautiful / Haddon Hall (C2-978)


If stark white feels too harsh, or you’re simply interested in something a bit softer, look to creams and soothing beiges. These earthy-meet-upscale neutrals are the perfect slate for a minimalist bedroom, while exuding a warm, cozy feeling on their own. Plus, this range harmonizes beautifully with most any style or other design element you choose. Our current faves include Halo (C2-628) and Lily (C2-644).

Photo: Nicole Enns


Soft Grey

Another great neutral hue that provides a light, airy vibe is soft or cool grey. You can’t go wrong with Grout (C2-994) and Ferrous (C2-995), which look as great paired against bright-colored accent pieces like reclaimed wood.

Photo: Elizabeth Lies


Photo: Cheryl Winn-Boujnida

Dark, Grey-Blue

The bedroom also doesn’t have to be all pale and muted colors. Take another look at the color chart and opt for a dark grey-blue, which is an unexpectedly bold pick for the wall directly behind the bed. It’s dramatic, but still zen. Speaking of bold choices, We’re obsessed with Ravine (C2-731) and Shark Fin (C2-734).

Muted Yellow

Last but not least? Muted yellow. Although most people associate this hue with stimulating environments, the right shade can prove warm and grounding, evoking happiness and joy from sun-up to lights out. Opt for upbeat picks like Glimmer (C2-643 or Grits (C2-610) to see what we mean.

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