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Barry Dixon - The Naturals Collection


Believing that the greatest quality of a home is its inherent, soulful hospitality, Virginia-based Barry Dixon has become one of the nation’s most sought-after interior designers. We welcome his unique palette to our collection of 496 colors. Dixon’s artful additions draw upon the infinite potential of nature, a concept that is the foundation of the C2 Paint brand. 


"With appreciation of the quality of C2 Paint's pigment and color saturation, not to mention their thoughtfulness to our environment, I couldn't have been happier when they approached me about this creative collaboration. 
Drawing from the influences of nature that inspire us all, we've edited a palette of colors and tones that we feel speak to the natural world. From the varied egg colorations in my Virginia henhouse to the dappled shades that dance across my pond, these colors whisper to us in quiet dreams of the beautiful world that lay just outside our windows."
- Barry Dixon


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