C2 Guard is a non-toxic waterproofer and sealer designed for use on unsealed wood and concrete surfaces. Its unique formula absorbs deeply into the surface, forming a flexible polymer barrier that becomes part of the cellular structure. This enhanced cellular structure helps prevent the effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, cracking, peeling, cupping of wood. For concrete C2 Guard helps prevent concrete corrosion and spalling, the effects of mold and mildew, the effects of pool chemicals and eases ice and snow removal.

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to honing our craft, placing artistry over automation and timelessness over trend. It all started with a paint chemist who wanted to create a new American classic brand that focused on quality and a product that celebrated the beauty and power of color. But there’s so much more to the story.


C2 Paint is the brainchild of paint tradesman and scientist, Thomas Hill, at once in love with his craft and frustrated with the quality of products available to his peers, family, and friends.

And so, in 1998, he set out to redefine what it meant to be a paint company — one that defied the industry standards of formulation, technique, and customer service — and made quality and color the main ingredients.