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C2 Paint Coverage Calculator

Getting ready for your next C2 Paint project? Figure out how much paint you'll need to complete your room with our easy paint calculator. Enter the height and width of each room wall to determine the coverage area and how many gallons of C2 Paint you'll need.


Looking for quick guidelines on the amount of paint needed for a typical project?  Here are some estimates to help you get an idea of paint coverage.  


One gallon
Generally covers a small room like a bathroom.


Two gallons
Generally covers an average size room.


Three gallons
Generally covers two average or one large room.


Four gallons
Generally covers several average rooms or a great room.


About the calculator:
The calculator results are for one coat of paint and assumes the following approximations: One gallon of C2 Paint covers 400 square feet, each window size equals 10 square feet, and each door size is 16.675 square feet.  Actual product coverage can vary from these estimates depending on factors like application method and surface conditions.  For more information, visit your local C2 Paint dealer.