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C2 Guard Tips

Watch C2 Guard in Action!

See how C2 Guard performs on a treated piece of wood versus an untreated piece. You will see its powerful protection in real time!

The Technology Behind C2 Guard

See how this revolutionary nanoparticle technology creates a protective barrier for wood surfaces.

Available in 16 Beautiful Stain Colors

From dark stains to coastal grays, there’s a stain color for every style.

Select Your Colors

C2 Guard Testimonials

I'm here to tell you that, if anything, this product does even more than what is claimed! I am now fully confident of the product – and the results with my clients has been outstanding! I can tell you, it has literally been revolutionary for my business.

– Greg Stebbe, Walls Alive Ltd.

C2 Guard comes at wood protection from a completely different angle. It's easy to apply, wet wood-friendly, dries in an hour - it’s so simple…and effective! My customers love, I love it and our wood loves it!

– Jeff Bergsma, Bergsma’s Paint & Décor