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C2 Guard Products

C2 Guard for Wood

This technologically advanced, non-toxic product prevents water intrusion to enhance wood stability, while also preventing the effects of mold and mildew. It can be used as a pre-treatment for stain or as a clear coat on new or refurbished wood.

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C2 Guard for Masonry

This technologically advanced, non-toxic product prevents water intrusion and protects against salts and chemicals. It is resistant to freeze/thaw damage and can be used on concrete or masonry surfaces.

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C2 Guard Fusion

Made of 65% C2 Guard with 35% polyurethane, C2 Fusion combines Guard's waterproofing nano-technology with an aliphatic polyurethane for a beautiful low luster sheen.

*Must be used with C2 Guard tints.

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C2 Guard Wood Cleaner

C2 Guard Wood + Deck Cleaner is the secret to a perfect finish for your next project.  The cleaner removes mold and mildew stains to properly prepare surface for sealing and staining.

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Available in 16 Beautiful Stain Colors

From dark stains to coastal grays, there’s a stain color for every style. Please note: colors are translucent and will appear differently depending on the species of wood.

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The Technology Behind C2 Guard

See how this revolutionary nanoparticle technology creates a protective barrier for wood surfaces.

Watch C2 Guard in Action!

See how C2 Guard performs on a treated piece of wood versus an untreated piece. You will see its powerful protection in real time!

C2 Guard Testimonials

I'm here to tell you that, if anything, this product does even more than what is claimed! I am now fully confident of the product – and the results with my clients has been outstanding! I can tell you, it has literally been revolutionary for my business.

– Greg Stebbe, Walls Alive Ltd.

C2 Guard comes at wood protection from a completely different angle. It's easy to apply, wet wood-friendly, dries in an hour - it’s so simple…and effective! My customers love, I love it and our wood loves it!

– Jeff Bergsma, Bergsma’s Paint & Décor