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C2 Guard Samplers

Try Before You Buy with C2 Guard Samples

Discover the transformative power of C2 Guard and find your perfect color with confidence. Before committing to a full purchase, test our premium wood waterproofer and stain on your deck or woodworking project. C2 Guard is specially formulated to enhance and protect an assortment of wood surfaces. Our stain colors can appear differently on various wood species, making sampling a crucial step.

Select any of our 16 beautiful stain colors (including clear) to see exactly how they will look and perform on your wood surface. Our samples are easy to use—just shake well before applying to ensure the best possible evaluation.

  • Wood-specific color fidelity: Test how each color adapts to your wood type.

  • High-performance formula: Offers enhanced protection and durability for decks and wood projects.

  • Cost-effective: Test your color choice affordably before investing in larger quantities.

  • Eco-friendly: Our water-based formula is safer for people and pets

  • Samples are no charge but require a $2.50 per item shipping fee.
Select Color from the swatches below:
Tupelo Honey – T001
Sugar Maple – T002
Ponderosa – T003
Monterey – T004
Noble Fir – T005
Sweet Chestnut – T006
Honduran – T007
Atlantic Salt – T008
River Birch – T009
Homestead – T011
Yukon – T012
Woodland – T013
Cordova – T014
Dakota – T015
Carbon – T016
Sherwood - T010