C2 Paint

"If you’re looking for innovative, handcrafted products that are user-friendly, C2 Paint will surpass your expectations. In the world of luxury paints, our quality and durability present an incredible value proposition."

— Tom Hill III, founder—

Unique Brand

Loved by designers and painters, C2 has developed a following of discerning customers that expect the very best quality and color in the industry

Quality Products

We never compromise quality. Using specialized raw materials and proprietary technology we’ve created some of the most cutting-edge, best performing paint products in the industry.

Extraordinary Color

What makes C2 color so extraordinary? The ingredients. Rare, artist-grade pigments, multiple colorants and NO black ensures that every color is rich, dynamic and luminous.

Select Distribution

Your success is our mission. We never crowd dealers and offer premium products not carried by your competitors so that you can create your own territory and enhance your brand.