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Philippa Radon

Philippa Radon cultivated her signature colour-based design philosophy through many years curating her eye as an interior designer. Her work as a colour consultant led her to establishing her full service design firm, Philippa Radon Design in 1990.

She recently relocated from Los Angeles to Western NY, where her husband was born and raised. Enveloped by natural, uninterrupted beauty, she is constantly inspired by her 1890s farmhouse and the land that surrounds it. Serendipitously, it is also the home of C2 Paint, which she discovered some years ago through one of her clients.

I fell in love with the product and tracked them down to San Francisco to explore the store and find out more about the paint. I started using it for all my clients and they all noticed that the colour on their walls seemed to change with the light and could “do things” they could not explain…I knew the paint was different and that the formulation added a distinct personality and character to the colour.”

Her design firm services the Western NY region and Buffalo areas, and she also travels nationally to service her clients. A devoted advocate of supporting local, USA-based businesses, she has worked with C2 Paint for many years.

Radon’s work immerses her into the world of colour and design daily. Her unique design process promotes an interactive approach to design, viewing the home as the sentient space where the beauty of daily rituals unfold. As she guides her clients through her mapping system, she encourages them to discover their own authentic style and pushes them beyond their comfort zone to express their creative selves. Learn more about her transformative process here.

Radon’s past clients include: Pottery Barn, Victoria and Albert Museum, British National Trust and St. James Palace, Guess Clothing, Ralph Lauren clothing stores, the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, Steven Ehrlich, St. John's Hospital in Los Angeles, William Morris Agency and Maxxam Enterprises and the artists, USHER and Prince.