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C2 Paint Color of the Year 2021

Reimagined Neutrals

Our color collection for the upcoming year presents a striking new band of neutrals that feature natural tones with an underlying edge, making each of them feel alive and unique. Since our current lives revolve around our homes, there is a need to define spaces and create a mosaic of “moments” within the same architecture. This Collection presents a refined and versatile arrangement — from crisp and cool to warm and enveloping, each color supports the need for comfort and individualism, while honoring the sanctity of home.

According to C2 Marketing Director Tia Clarida, “We chose this palette because grounding colors have the power to ease our minds, which is a valuable offering today. This unique view of neutrals acknowledges the need for safety and security while being bold and diverse enough to express the different aspects of ourselves. They are colors that are easy to layer in -- and each harkens back to nature, as all C2 Paint colors do.” 

These reimagined neutrals provide a timeless palette that can transition from room to room with flow and continuity, while still giving each space its own personality.

When considering the choices for our 2021 Collection, we wanted to honor the sanctity of home and develop a foundational palette that cultivated a grounding, calming, and harmonious environment. These “nuanced neutrals,” each with their unique characteristics, create a mosaic of moments through an embracing palette, whether used individually or as a fluid collection. The palette embraces the beauty of simplicity, gives us confidence, and allows for our own artistic personalization. - Designer Philippa Radon, C2 Paint Color Specialist    



This “beautiful lady” proves that lavender tones are an unquestionable design force. Lingering between grey and violet, this sophisticated color has made its way into the neutral category, given its timeless and transitional appeal. Its morphing subtleties and serene nature make it a perfect choice for bedrooms, yet its popularity as a color for shared spaces is on the rise due to its free-spirited yet cultured, bohemian vibe.

WHERE- Try in a shared space as a unique neutral, anchoring it with metals and natural-toned light textures. A perfect choice for the bedroom.  

WITH- Creams, grays, and dusty soft off green neutrals — or with darker tones of the same color to build a  monochromatic, layered story.


BRIGAND (C2-757)

This bold and mysterious blue-black introduces a confident new wave in the modern neutral Collection by reversing the traditional role of darker furnishings and accents against a light color. Brigand is not all it appears. With the introduction of light, it radiates shades of blue, showcasing a color that’s moody and dramatic. In its darker moments, it remains illuminated through multiple layers of pigments and colorants, which create a user-friendly, intense depth of color. A true rebel, it’s made with no black ink, so it’s approachable and not over-saturated. 

WHERE- Reception areas, powder rooms, living rooms, hallways, and other areas that open into a lighter palette for a high contrast experience. Use as a dramatic exterior color for wood, trim, or brickwork. The deep color is also perfect for a bookcase accent color and looks stunning with  jeweled or hammered hardware.

WITH- Brighten with crisp white, near-blacks, or go monochromatic with varying shades of blue.

This unique take on neutrals acknowledges the need for safety and security while being bold and diverse enough to express the different aspects of ourselves.




A true chameleon, Paper Clip is one of the most adaptable colors in the C2 palette. Not grey, not taupe, it shines as a true traditional neutral. The addition of red and yellow  undertones gives it an embracing element that adds a warm, robust energy to the room. Though it’s lighter in color, it’s deep enough to contrast beautifully off white or dark trim. This color can truly hold a space together!

WHERE - An attractive choice for an entry hallway with a black and white checkerboard floor and a dark ceiling. It’s a neutral that picks up the vibration of all other colors around it.

WITH - Pair with tarnished metals or white golds, classic Calcutta marbles, or rich deeper wood tones as a salute to this color’s historical English roots.



This renaissance color delivers some powerful punches considering its quiet, ethereal, earthy tone. With the ability to bathe any space in its dusty, muted warmth and  sophisticated beauty, it performs with an uncomplicated sense of ease and confidence. Water Chestnut thrives as  easily in a traditional spacedelivering a soothing, classic feelas is does in a more open industrial environment set against stronger, more rigid lines and dark metals.  

WHERE - Bedrooms, baby rooms, glamorous bathrooms or spa-inspired areas.

WITH - Other light colors like soft grays and creams or with darker colors for more dramatic contrast.



There’s no better way to start a new year than with a  clean slate. It’s a time to consider what we can offer back from the harvest of our investments — in the home, in our environment, and in our relationships. It’s no secret that choosing the right white can be complicated, but a full  spectrum white does most of the work for you. Fresh and classic, Mainsail is a soft-sided white that works with the best design element of all — natural light. 

WHERE - Anywhere from exteriors to open spaces. On the exterior, pair with blacks and grays. Inside, it allows artwork and other features to stand out against its luminous backdrop. 

WITH - A dark leafy green brings the outside in and offers a high-contrast palette. Use with off-whites for an elevated tranquil vibe, or pair with a soft neutral for an ethereal feel.

What’s your favorite color from the 2021 Palette?

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