C2 Paint


Artistry & Innovation

Our premium products unite leading-edge technology with best-in-class ingredients and a handcrafted process to create paint and color with exceptional vibrancy, luminosity, and coverage. We approach our craft like a fine painter would, meticulously perfecting our products every step of the way.

Full Spectrum Philosophy

As in nature, the beauty of our products starts from within. We cultivate and source rare, finely ground pigments and combine them with multiple colorants (with no black) to create colors that are rich, dynamic and harmonious.

A Timeless Palette

When the palette is refined, so are your choices. Our unwavering commitment to quality extends to our designer-curated color palette, which celebrates the majesty of nature. Each color is handcrafted, resulting in a rich, versatile palette that’s as timeless as it is beautiful -- giving you the confidence you need to choose the colors you love.

Earth Friendly

We want our paint to be safe for your family. Our low-VOC formula is user-friendly, washable with soap and water, and qualifies for LEED credits, making it a top choice of painters, designers — and the earth.

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