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The Ultimate

Stain & Wateproofer

See why this stain is changing the game! Learn about the 
cutting-edge technology, master the application process, 
and get exclusive tips on transforming your outdoor spaces 
with this revolutionary product.

Forms a protective barrier from within

Prevents warping, cracking and splitting

Water-based formula is safe for people and pets

Helps to prevent mold and mildew

Easy to maintain

Beauty & Protection From Within

C2 Guard is an innovative sealant, waterproofer, and stain that utilizes nanoparticle technology to penetrate surfaces and protect them from within, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces knowing that they are stabilized for years to come. See for yourself the incredible technology at work!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-Star Rated Customer & Contractor Favorite!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I prepared the raw, 10 month aged pressure treated pine deck with your deck cleaner. After drying a day, the wood drank in the C2 Guard very well. I found a liberal wash of the stain could be left to sit 5 - 10 minutes before brushing out to provide the most saturation, then while still damp, a repeat coat would still get absorbed. And again, the next day, a third coat blended in as the final coat. Wonderful product to apply!"

Mark H.

"The stain color was perfect. Took a while to apply on our cedar fence as that wood kept sucking it all in. We  underestimated the amount needed, so ended up ordering more to finish the job. Overall very happy with the results and quick shipping of the stain order."

Vlaid R.

"This product goes on beautifully, allows for my sloppy clean up with a wet towel, and the dry time makes it even more convenient! While doing the job, neighbors came to see and they too are looking into using this product. So VERY happy I found them and I'm so VERY happy with the end result!! Thank you C2!"

Anne T.

"Outstanding product. Damp on Wet worked great. It dried quickly and about 2/3 hours after I was done it proceeded to rain all afternoon and my redwood deck just had water standing and not soaking in. So impressed and how easy and safe it was to apply. No odors, no nasty chemicals. I applied it all in shorts and flipflops and didn't think twice about it. My 200 sq ft deck is protected. So glad I learned about this product. Worth every penny!!"

Joe K.