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C2 Guard for Wood

Prevents water intrusion
Is non-toxic
Enhances wood stability
Prevents the effects of mold and mildew
Use as pre-treatment for stain
Use as clear coat on new or refurbished wood

C2 Guard for Masonry

Prevents water intrusion
Is non-toxic
Use on concrete or masonry surfaces
Protects against salts and chemicals
Resistant to freeze/thaw damage

C2 Guard Fusion

Adds a soft, low luster sheen
UV Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Contains less than 2 grams of VOC per liter
Tint C2 Fusion with C2 Guard tints
Do not use un-tinted as a clear finish

C2 Guard stain colors are designed for use with C2 Guard for Wood
on properly prepared interior and exterior wood surfaces.

C2 Guard contains minimal toxins, low VOCs and emits low to no odor.
PRODUCT/SPEC SHEETS:  C2 Guard for Wood| C2 Guard for Masonry | C2 Guard Fusion