C2 Guard is a non-toxic waterproofer and sealer designed for use on unsealed wood and concrete surfaces. Its unique formula absorbs deeply into the surface, forming a flexible polymer barrier that becomes part of the cellular structure. This enhanced cellular structure helps prevent the effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, cracking, peeling, cupping of wood. For concrete C2 Guard helps prevent concrete corrosion and spalling, the effects of mold and mildew, the effects of pool chemicals and eases ice and snow removal.

Once you decide on the perfect color, the next step is choosing your sheen. There are five to six standard finishes offered by most paint companies. The main differences between the sheens are luster (or shine) and washability. Flat and matte paints are ideal for lower traffic areas as they are typically harder to clean. As the sheen increases, the easier the washability, since the “shinier” finishes contain higher levels of resin. Choosing the right sheen can help bring the room to life visually but is also a practical decision, since it can extend the life of your paint job. See below for an overview of C2 sheens or view the chart here.