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6 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen This Weekend!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place of gathering and nurturing... where meals and memories are made. As the most popular home renovation project, upgrades can help you organize and beautify, but costs can add up quickly. Below are some quick and easy weekend updates that can transform your kitchen and safeguard your wallet. 

1. Declutter

Before you begin any updates to your kitchen (or any space) it’s vital to complete job #1: clear the clutter. That includes removing anything that is sitting on top of counters and taking up usable space. Now you can see what you have to work with. Figure out what style appeals to you, consider the layout of the kitchen and design around that. Ideally, the three main workstations -- the sink, stovetop/oven and fridge --  are in close proximity and fully functional. From there, you can start planning storage and maximizing the space. This House Beautiful listcan help you get started.

2. Paint the Cabinets

Cabinets painted in C2 Wicked

This is a labor of love that creates a major impact. Instead of automatically choosing your favorite white, consider adding color. If you are hesitant to paint all the cabinets, then consider painting a smaller area like the island base. Choosing an alternate color from your “field cabinetry” (aka the cabinetry against the wall) can provide contrast between colors or complement the existing cabinets. Consider the worktop surface material as a third accent to ensure they are all in conversation together. 

View our Cabinet Color Trends for 2020!

3. Change out the Hardware 

Gold Hoffman Hardware pops against cabinets painted in C2 Baritone

This simple task yields great rewards. Swapping out dated pulls and handles with more modern versions can revive cabinets in a snap. The latest trend is raw, living metals that develop a natural patina over time. Krista Hoffman from Hoffman Hardware creates designs inspired by vintage jewelry and handcrafts her metals by hammering and shaping them in unique, organic ways. 

4. Swap Your Rugs

Ruggable rugs are sturdy and washable

Rugs and runners in the kitchen keep your floors protected and deliver an instant sense of style. They can help define the area, tie together colors from the backsplash and cabinets or add a dash of pattern or color. If you haven’t discovered Ruggable, you’re missing out. These on-trend, washable rugs are the perfect easy accessory. They recently launched a line of washable outdoor rugs, just in time for summer!  

5. Update the Lighting 

Behold, the power of light! Your choice of lighting can help define the style of your space. From modern to industrial to vintage and farmhouse, both inset lighting and pendants come in a wide variety of styles that add an instant wow factor. Think about adding under counter strip lighting to brighten counter top areas and add ambiance.

6. Bring Nature Indoors

Nothing adds a sense of freshness and color like bringing nature indoors. And it’s often as easy as stepping into your backyard. Natural greens present an opportunity to create oversized, organic arrangements that bring a sense of energy and life to a room. Edible greens and herbs are also a great way to balance form and function by adding color, fragrance, and spice. 

More kitchen upgrade ideas!

    • Open Game: Is this the time to remove upper cabinetry to open up space with shelving? You can create an open shelving backsplash with a 4” ledge and use the area to display your favorite pieces. Just remember this look requires you to keep things tidy!
    • Monochromatic Magic - Are your cabinetry and wall color matching? Using the same paint color on cabinets and walls can add instant chic and sophistication.
    • Stir it Up - Shake things up by adding some colorful appliances. The vintage collection from Smeg offers so many options in bright, beautiful colors.
    • Ceiling Surprise - If painting the cabinets is too much, think about creating some drama on the 5th wall (aka the ceiling). Get inspired here. 
    • Wood Wall - If you like a more rustic or industrial look, you can create a dramatic visual by using a wood plank treatment to create a feature wall. Try using Stikwood press on reclaimed wood panels. Check them out here!

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