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Culture Club: Living Adventurously through Color and Creativity

Living freely means different things to different people. For some, it's about self-reliance and simplicity; for others, it focuses on travel and adventure. We love the colorful, eclecticism of a "gypset" look, which is a blend of the free-spirited, bohemian life of a gypsy with the sophistication and global perspective of the jet set. It offers a unique way to view the world and our place in it, but it's not just about where you travel and is certainly not limited to the "elite" or jet set; instead it's about how you live by your own rules and welcome those eclectic, adventurous vibes into your home.

Here's how to infuse your living space with the bold, artistic, cultural spirit using color and creativity without leaving home!

Define Your Palette with Worldly Colors

The Gypset palette is as broad as the horizon. You can always start with a base of earth tones—sands, warm browns, and terracottas that ground you. Then, layer in vibrant colors that scream adventure:

  • The deep blues of the Moroccan sky
  • The lush greens of Balinese rice terraces
  • The radiant oranges of a Santorini sunset

Each color brightens your space and serves as a daily reminder of the vast and varied world out there, encouraging a life lived fully and boldly.

Mix and Match with Reckless Abandon

When you look to the different cultures of the world for inspiration, the rules of design are there to be bent and broken. Combine patterns and textures from different parts of the world. Think Moroccan rugs thrown over a Turkish ottoman or South American textiles hanging beside Asian prints. The key is in the mix—your home should feel curated, like a collection of souvenirs from a life well-traveled.

Add eclectic, handcrafted pieces that speak to far-flung cultures and crafts that tell a story of travel and discovery, offering a daily escape and a constant source of inspiration.

Create Multipurpose Spaces

Gypset living is all about flexibility. Your home should reflect a variety of needs and interests, adapting to your mood. Create spaces that can be easily transformed—your living room doubling as a yoga retreat, your balcony as a painter's studio. Let each room be fluid, changing as you do, to encourage a life of spontaneity and creativity.


Bring the Outdoors In

Connecting with nature is essential. Use large, open windows to let in natural light, and fill your space with plants that make it feel like a jungle hideaway. Incorporate natural elements like wood, stone, and metal and use them to highlight rather than dominate. The idea is to feel an openness that invites the wild in, reminding you of the limitless world beyond your walls.

"Embrace a gypset-style lifestyle in your home by mixing vibrant, inherited traditions with sophisticated, upscale elements, creating a space that feels both worldly and intimate. Incorporate ethnic prints and layered patterns, using a palette of bold colors complemented by serene whites to capture the essence of global wandering." -Philippa Radon, designer

Adorn Your Walls with Stories

Your walls are the canvas of your life. Adorn them with artwork and photographs of your travels, dreams, and moments of profound insight. Each piece should have a story that inspires you to add another chapter to your life story. This visual storytelling beautifies your home and stirs the soul, propelling you toward your next adventure.

Lighting to Set the Mood

Lighting in a free-spirited home should mimic the natural rhythms of the day. Use soft, warm lighting to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Lanterns, candles, and dimmable lights allow you to adjust the ambiance from the clarity of morning to the mystery of twilight, reflecting the ever-changing mood of a life lived freely and passionately.

With a thoughtful approach to color, a disregard for the conventional, and embracing the natural world, your home can become a testament to the beauty of living life boldly and without boundaries. Explore, express, and expand your horizons from the comfort of your home.

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