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Take it Outside: Easy Ways to Integrate Everyday Outdoor Living

The lure of warmer weather relaxes our rituals and routines as we embrace being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and spending time with friends and family. The warm breeze and beauty of our gardens beckon, encouraging us to think of ways to expand the confines of home with color and joy as we set up shop for the summer. 


Eating Out

Create your own restaurant experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas are becoming as stylish as their indoor counterparts–and the number of money spent on backyard renovations proves it! Over 84% of home renovators are planning to upgrade their outdoor spaces. For the foodies, this Blackstone Culinary 4 burner handles more than just BBQ; it has a convenient, under-counter fridge so you can avoid trekking in and out of the main house.

Pool Cool

Pool day at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Gray Malin

Poolside and deck seating take comfort and color to a new level with a plethora of prints and shapes. Go eclectic and exciting… or keep it simple and serene. 

PS - this works with water sources of any size, including kiddie pools!

Chill by the Grill


As we seek respite from the outside world, our outdoor areas serve as the perfect retreat for restorative relaxation. Being mindful of our senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste enhances our emotional wellbeing. 

Quiet, meditative spots feed your Zen, so keep simplicity as the primary focus. Once you find the perfect spot, gather some pillows or a yoga mat. Then add your special touch by enhancing with plants, crystals, incense, and wind chimes–anything that helps you channel your inner calm.

Office Escape

Executing in the open air helps with mental clarity and productivity for those who work from home. It also provides the perfect spot to sip a virgin mojito as we creatively merge our work and home lives. Whether you're lucky enough to have your own work shed, you can also create a special spot anywhere by adding a shade element like an umbrella or a laptop sunshade to reduce computer glare and protect your work gear, boost the wi-fi signal, and roll out a rug to mark your spot. 

Color Crush


We are currently crushing on warm sorbets, peachy pinks and refreshing blue-greens, inspired by the land and sky, for your outdoor oasis. View the Summer Colors 2022 Collection. 

Since summer is a time for family and friends, check out these Friends-inspired favorites:

EAT:  Jenifer Aniston's Favorite Salad 


This healthy, delicious salad that Jenifer Aniston reportedly ate every.single.day on the set of Friends is perfect for summer – and for achieving that summer body!

DRINK: Orange Wine


Move over rose; there's a new hue in town. Orange wine is becoming a summer cocktail favorite, though the color has nothing to do with the flavor. It's actually a white wine made by leaving the liquid soaking in the grape skins (also called skin contact), giving it a hint of orange color. Try the ​​2020 Celler Pardas "Pell a Pell" Xarel-lo, Penedes, Spain, made in the same region as Cava. Let us know if you think it's worth the hype! We're undecided... 

CLEAN: Homecourt Products by Courtney Cox


Keep your outside kitchen and surfaces fresh and clean! Made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, they come in four delicious scents and work on non-porous surfaces, including finished wood, tile, sealed stone, stainless steel, and granite.

Tell us your favorite outdoor upgrades!

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