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Timeless Charm with a Modern Twist


When it comes to interior design, trends flourish and fade, but timeless elegance never goes out of style. However, as humans, we were born to evolve. We seek new things, and that translates into our homes. Having classic "bones" is essential (especially for those who constantly need a refresh) so you can easily integrate trendier twists without a total redesign. If you're looking to infuse your home with a timeless aesthetic that emulates a modern perspective, we'll explore key principles of classic design and how to make them your own.

Quality Over Quantity

Classic Tuxedo Couch. Image via @decorilla

Timeless interior design involves investing in high-quality furniture, fixtures, and materials. Choose pieces that are well-crafted and made to last. Opt for classic furniture styles with clean lines and enduring appeal. Once you have a base, you can add your "wow" accents, like a curved chair in boucle fabric or an uber-modern chandelier, to modernize the look. Or go vintage by investing in pieces that have - and will - stand the test of time. 

Neutral Color Palette

The word neutral has taken on a new meaning, especially regarding paint color. Gone are the days of basic beige and grays; there is a new set of neutrals that span the color spectrum. Neutral tones create a serene and versatile backdrop that allows you to change accessories and accents without an entire overhaul. Opt for timeless shades with complex undertones (preferably a full spectrum formula that omits the use of black, so the color is more luminous and less dull). One of our favorite and most versatile palettes is one we created for the entire home. View it here.

Timeless Materials

Incorporating timeless materials into your design ensures longevity and sophistication. Classic materials like hardwood floors, marble countertops, and natural stone tiles add timeless elegance to any space. Additionally, materials such as leather, linen, and silk bring a touch of luxury and durability to furniture and soft furnishings. Layering different tones and textures delivers a more modern look.

Embrace Symmetry and Balance 

Symmetry and balance are fundamental principles of timeless design. Achieve balance by arranging furniture and accessories in a visually pleasing manner. Pairing two identical armchairs or placing artwork symmetrically on the walls creates a sense of harmony. However, remember that balance doesn't necessarily mean everything should be perfectly symmetrical. You can also achieve a balanced composition using different elements with similar visual weights.

A New Take on "Less is More"

Designer Philip Silver used C2 Coconut #932 as a backdrop for his favorite pieces. 

Maybe we reframe and say: In this case, "less is more" is not what you think. You should have less of what you don't like and more of what you do. If you want a simple, clean aesthetic while allowing a few showpieces to shine, that's one way to design classicly; however, if you love collecting and mixing and matching patterns, that's an equally important reflection of things you.

Maximize Natural Light

Timeless design celebrates natural light and maximizes its presence within a space. Allow ample sunlight to flood your rooms by using sheer curtains or blinds that can be easily adjusted. If privacy is a concern, opt for translucent or light-filtering window treatments. Natural light illuminates a space and creates an inviting and timeless ambiance. Using a paint brand like C2 that dances alongside the natural light will ensure your walls come alive with color! Use well-placed lighting to soften the space if you don't have natural light. 

Make it Personal

 Designer Chad Dorsey used Gingersnap to create a relaxing, unique respite

Last but certainly not least, make your space work for you. Style and stage it to showcase what makes you, you–from family heirlooms to art that sparks your creativity to colors that bring you joy. Remember, timeless design is not about following trends but curating a space that reflects your unique tastes and always transcends the passage of time.

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