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The Color of the Year 2023

The C2 Paint Color of the Year for 2023 celebrates origins – the source from which all things rise. The feature color, Tiramisu (C2-600), is a rich, restorative cedar inspired by the diverse range and tonalities of natural wood – each species possessing a unique beauty – and the rich mineral hues of the soil from which they grow. Two additional capsule colors, Stout (C2-965), a full-spectrum near-black, and En Pointe (C2-851), a graceful off-white, present a grounding canvas to express your unique perspective.

FEATURE COLOR: Tiramisu, C2-600

Tiramisu color of the year living room

Nurturing and dynamic, Tiramisu emits warm, ambient undertones that flicker gold and copper, inviting a sophistication and versatility that refuses to go unnoticed. It symbolizes genuineness, comfort, stability, endurance, and the strength of simplicity. This nuanced color provides a rich canvas to showcase art and furnishings and unearths a dialog of natural warmth and joy with its rich, grounding tones. Made with high-quality, artist-grade ingredients, it possesses a life force that adds energy and luminosity to any room.

“We take inspiration from around the globe, imbued by the diversity and wonder of culture, craft, and nature, where each instills a sense of originality and reflects an authentic connection to its source. Our capsule of colours is based on research, trends, and most of all, intuition, with much consideration to how they will translate to the human element of design. ” –Philippa Radon, Lifestyle, Design & C2 Paint Color Specialist.


In addition to our feature color, we are presenting two strong ancillary colors for a palette you can build upon.  

"We chose the theme origins because it brings us back to our roots as a company. Our colors are classic, but our unique, full-spectrum process gives them each a distinct personality, both in name and formulation. As a palette, they represent a refined foundation upon which you can express any version of yourself. Our paint provides a canvas that’s less like paint and more like art. ”Tia Clarida, C2 Paint Marketing Director.

STOUT, C2-960

Our modern, artistic view of black is ironically made without black ink, allowing it to reflect the full range of natural light – an essential element for deeper tones. 

Though its color is velvety and dark, Stout is not heavy due to its multi-colorant base, which gives it a luxurious, versatile sophistication.

Designer: Martin Kobus for San Francisco Showcase

En Pointe, C2-851

A remarkably graceful shade of near-white, En Pointe is ambiguous and fluid, effortlessly adapting to its environment.

Warm, calming, and timeless, its color is reminiscent of raw lamb’s wool or pale pebblestone – with a hint of tint that makes it a perfect choice for traditional or contemporary spaces.


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