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The 10 Best Design Trends for 2020 That Will Stand the Test of Time

Trends come and trends go, but there are some standouts for 2020 that we think will stand the test of time. See our favorite top 10 interior design trends for 2020

1. Handcrafted Goods 

3D printed vases by Meshcloud via Etsy

As big businesses continue to absorb smaller businesses, retail trends indicate that consumers are searching for less automated, handcrafted products that make them feel like one IN a million, not one OF a million. Online sites like Etsy, that offer “microsellers” the opportunity to showcase their artisan goods, are showing strong year over year growth (“The Motley Fool”). Smaller, family-owned companies like C2 Paint found their niche offering consumers something they can’t find at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes — a high-quality alternative that emphasizes quality over quantity. 

TRY:Esty's eclectic candle collection.  

2. Bespoke Bedrooms

Custom headboards and earthy tones create a relaxing respite via

Who doesn’t love lounging a fabulous hotel room bed? Especially when you're not the one making the bed! Our bedrooms are becoming a central design focus, whereas before they were often last on the list (just shut the door, right?). Living in such a techno, overpopulated, consumer world, consumers are craving a space where they can reset and retreat. Today, they are sparing no expense, investing in adjustable beds (prediction: flat mattresses will become obsolete as these become more $$ friendly), luxurious bedding, creating custom headboards and investing in bespoke fabrics and high-end paint color to create their own 5-star sleep experience. 

TRY: sheets from Boll & Branch. While a little on the pricey side, they truly make you feel like you’re wrapping yourself in luxury.

3. Holograms 

CLICK HERE to see art in motion!

One of the more playful, Avante Garde trends revolves around perception. First, let’s define what a hologram is:

A hologram is a photograph of light that’s scattered from an object and then displayed in a three-dimensional way.

Though it might seem odd to see this as a design trend, the hologram, which dates back to the 1920s, is experiencing a renaissance. This mindbending “now you see me, now you don’t” trend Is being seen across a variety of design industries, from graphic design to furniture, art, and lighting. These optical illusions are the perfect way to express your playfulness and embrace the future of technology, as you present a fine line between fantasy and reality. 

TRY:  Elephant 3D LED Illusion Lamp, a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion.

4. Sustainable Materials

Natural design elements are modern and eco-friendly

As we search for solutions that will protect our precious environment, consumers are becoming more eco-minded on a daily basis searching for natural, recyclable materials that support the environment. As always, nature doesn’t disappoint. From organic fabrics, textiles and patterns to stone, tile, and metals, these showstopping materials come in many forms while bringing the beauty and majesty of nature indoors. The best part is that these materials provide a luxurious feel without overtaxing the environment.

TRY - Ecobirdy, a children’s furniture line of 100-percent recycled plastics from used and discarded toys. Further, it has even penned a children’s storybook based on its practice as an early introduction to the circular economy.

5. Curves 

Graceful furniture by British designer Joseph Walsh

Curves are officially in! From fuller figures to fabulous furniture, the lines are no longer straight and streamline. Curved couches are huge this year like this one by J Cleo. The artful nature of these organic shapes or "dancing lines” illustrates furniture as an art form, combining both form and function. British designer Joseph Walsh, who studied joinery, became world-famous for the integration of fantastic forms, aesthetics, and functionality. The peculiarity of his wooden furniture created almost without the use of any mechanical tools is smooth curved lines and the absence of sharp corners which alters the traditional idea about furniture.

 TRY: for chic, unique home items.

6. Painted Floors

Painted floors become a work of art

You’ll also see bold geometrics on the walls and most especially on floors! Adding color and creativity gives your floors an artistic element that can completely transform the look of wood and tile. What was once a simple choice of wood color or carpet has evolved into one of the hottest new Pinterest categories

TRY:  C2 Cabinet & Trim paint, which comes in any color you can imagine! Read more about it here. It's eco-friendly (made from whey protein), easy to apply, dries quickly and is durable enough for floors.

7. Small Yet Mighty

Small homes can be utilitarian and modern

Bigger isn’t always best. These days it’s not all about square footage and excess, but instead on functionality and sustainability as we search for ways to conserve the environment. 

The trend toward downsizing, specifically when it comes to home, was designed to have less impact on both the environment and your wallet, so you can spend time relishing your freedom, whether that means relief from bills and mortgages or simply lowering expenses to travel and live life on your own terms.

From tiny homes and pod hotels to shared office spaces like Roam, there has been an emergence of conscientious solutions that meet the demand for high design on a smaller footprint - Philippa Radon, Interior Designer

TRY: While the tiny home trend is still going strong, the focus is more on having a smaller, yet functional footprint. Check out Hygge Homes, a chic “order and build” kit home that prides itself on both utility and craftsmanship. Look for their new cottages, coming soon!

8. Multifunctional Furniture

Staircase chair by Stephen Kenn

In this chaotic, abundant and fast-paced world many consumers are seeking to simplify, select and slow down. That said, pieces that perform “double duty” are becoming more popular. Whether you're looking to maximize a smaller space or integrating your living areas, these hard-working pieces will help streamline your style.

TRY: Steelcast node office chairs with wheels or standing desk option, perfect for a work/live environment.

9. Multi-purpose Rooms

Closet doing double duty as an office. Image by

Much like #8 above, interior design is now catering to the increasing need for a space that fulfills both work and life needs. The number of people working remotely is increasing at a rapid rate, increasing the need for homes that cater to this modern working environment. Kitchens and dining rooms are doing double duty as workspaces while closets are being transformed into everything from mini gyms to gift-wrapping rooms.

TRY:  Making a small closet into a small office space to pay bills and stay organized. Get inspired by these closet transformations here. 

10. Designing for Wellness

Ambient Lighting can change the mood of a room. Image via

It seems we all need a break from the chaos of daily life. The interior design world is seeing furniture and accents that enhance our wellness, from soundproof curtains to high back chairs (privacy, please!) to colored light bulbs that can enhance mood and boost melatonin. 

TRY:  Feeling blue? Try some color therapy glasses to modify your mood. Glofx Rose Colored Glass offers a variety of lens colors for enhanced relaxation.  I guess it’s true:  life really can be viewed through a rose-colored lens! 

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