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This week, it’s all about kitchen trends. Kitchens are the huge focal point of the home, the social epicenter where the day to day of life’s event occur. Whether you’re making pancakes for a family breakfast, preparing a meal to impress a new love interest, or gathering to celebrate the holiday, the kitchen is the creative space where all the magic happens, so it should feel happy and inspired. Check out these 11 trends to upgrade your kitchen and give it some new life this year.

Two tone cabinets

It’s time to start mixing it up! Instead of going with the standard single tone kitchen like a standard white on white, opt for THE 2019 kitchen cabinet trend and use two tones that harmonize with the design elements of the room. Use complimentary tones like Ferrous (C2-995 )and Whistler White (C2-756 )for cabinet and trim. We are super into darker kitchens here at C2 Paint, so try Whistler White (C2-756 ) and Ka Ching (C2-693) for cabinets and storage. Utilizing complementary tones will keep the continuity and flow of color without it looking stale.

Painting cabinets tell a color story in your kitchen. Here, they incorporated the paint onto the floor in this custom design.

Open shelving

Gone are the days of completely forgetting about those beautiful china bowls you purchased in Positano. Open shelving is a great way to showcase your personal style through the display of your dinnerware. And it adds a little artsiness and lot of organization to your kitchen. It is the perfect blend of function and beauty, and it allows you easy access to your everyday essentials.

Subway tile backsplashes

I absolutely love the aesthetic of subway tile backsplashes. It reminds me of the chic farm-to-table restaurants in Los Angeles. It offers a Lived-in vibe but still chic with a clean finish. Plus, they are known to be easy to install and long-lasting. Opt for something different and go vertical!

Farmhouse style sinks

This style of sink continues to be a hit year after year (most likely due to the popularity of design duo from the TV show, Fixer Upper, Chip and Joanna Gaines). Perfect for a small or large kitchen, the farmhouse sink gives you a little bit of extra room to get the job done, and they look super cool.

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink.

Wood or wood-like flooring

Say goodbye to basic kitchen tiling. It’s all about dark flooring that easily unites the rooms of your home. And if you’re not into the whole wood flooring thing in the kitchen, opt for a bold or patterned tile to add character and that cozy feeling to your kitchen.

Quartz countertops

Looking for the best countertop that will withstand the test of time? Go for Quartz. It’s basically indestructible, easy to clean, and is a choice that ID clients continue to select over and over. It’s also a harder surface compared to other countertop materials. Plus, you most likely won’t grow tired of it. Just be sure to not place super-hot pots on as it can ruin the surface over time.

Metal hardware

One of the easiest upgrades for a kitchen is the hardware. And the best part? Usually, you can install it yourself. Mixing metals like pewter, copper, gunmetal, or even the classic, polished silver can give the space personality and beauty. Don’t be afraid to play around with two or three metals or finishes to achieve that instant facelift for your kitchen.

Upgrade: 2019 Kitchen Design Trends Cabinet paint color: C2 Wicked

Concealed storage

To maintain a modern approach to your kitchen, opt for concealed storage. This helps maintain more of a design aesthetic in your space, offering clean fluidity throughout the kitchen.

Colorful accents and upholstery

We are seeing more and more people leave behind the monochromatic kitchens of the years past, and integrating bold accents. Think bright blue seating, a patterned rug, or a citrus orange KitchenAid Stand Mixer to personalize your kitchen space.

Integrated appliances

To keep with the modern aesthetic, appliances are seamlessly becoming a part of the overall kitchen design. Think induction cooktops, which are great for both small and large spaces. As well as under-counter appliances like ovens and microwave drawers, allowing for a lot more space for cooking and entertaining. And yay – no more eyesores!


Somehow it all goes back to minimalism. This will still continue to be a trend this year especially with the rise of popular organizer, Marie Kondo’s “Konmari” method. Keeping clean lines, minimal moldings and a lot less clutter help you feel good about your space overall.

Better yet, visit your local C2 Paint Dealer so they can guide you toward your dream kitchen!

Which kitchen trend are you excited about in 2019? Share in the comments!

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