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2022 TREND REPORT: Design Direction and Color Forecast


We’ve been deeply connected to our homes during the past two years in ways we never imagined–and in 2022 we will continue to cultivate that connection. These periods of profound introspection have presented the opportunity to re-evaluate many of our rituals and routines and redefine what home means to us.  

Part of what we do as paint enthusiasts, creators, and designers is to note trends – not for trend's sake, but to inform clients and customers on the direction of design locally and globally. 

Design trends, much like high fashion, are meant to provide "big ideas" and overall direction. They serve as inspiration for real-world applications. For example, the biophilia trend might feature buildings enveloped in greenery which might inspire you to grow your own herb garden; or the popularity of upcycling might motivate you to paint that dresser drawer. It all starts with an idea.

According to designer and lifestyle specialist Philippa Radon,

"There is a focus on identifying our personal voice. As our homes provide a respite from the outside world, we continue to look inside ourselves to discover what we truly want." 


2022 TRENDS 



The pandemic has forever changed the way we work. Hybrid live/work spaces allow us the flexibility to work where and when we want. Home design in 2022 will focus on function first and adapt to our evolving needs. Note: creativity is required!

  • Modular Furniture - versatile furniture like rearrangeable sectionals cater to the way you live. Companies like Six Penny use all natural materials in beautiful, earthy colors.
  • Micro Offices - creating a separate space to work is paramount, replacing high rise office buildings with designer pods, shared office spaces and creative, multi-use home work areas.
  • Streamlined Kitchens - the kitchen will become a more integrated part of the home, not just a hub for food and gathering.  You’ll be seeing less clutter alongside inviting design elements, a focus on sustainable innovations and natural cleaning supplies like Grove Collaborative


As a society, we are moving our focus from quantity to quality to function more seamlessly in today's fast-paced, unpredictable world. Taking a slower, more contemplative, and holistic approach in home and business can result in choices that nurture us from the inside out. What we choose for our homes reflects our prioritization of well-being. 

  • Less Alcohol Consumption - there is a strong movement toward ditching drinking or at least taking a sabbatical in order to gain mental clarity and focus. Brands like Sunwink and Kin Euphorics - and even alcohol-free wines like Joyous - are rising in popularity.
  • Weighted Blankets - They provide a sense of safety and comfort for people and pets!  Plus, the new styles are super cozy and add a touch of texture!
  • Infrared Saunas - to detox, relax and restore, many are installing infrared saunas in their homes and backyards. Clear Light Saunas provides pre-made structures and delivers directly to your home. 
  • Organic Meal Delivery - a focus on nutrition is redefining the idea of fast, delivery food, making healthy food more convenient than ever. Brands like  Sakara Life  and Daily Harvest deliver meals based on your eating preferences, including keto and gluten-free options.


Since the pandemic, people crave more space, so many are swapping city life for farm life to build upon the dream of creating their private utopia. Choosing to live in greater alignment with one's own beliefs and being more self-sufficient and sustainable will heavily direct design trends in the years ahead-- illustrated by the rising interest gardening, outdoor living spaces, upcycling, and handcrafted items.

  • Indoor Gardens - for the city dwellers, there are plenty of indoor options like Lettuce Grow to harvest your own herbs and vegetables.
  • Integrated Outdoors - the backyard is now considered an extension of the home so we're seeing functional items added outside, including heaters, lights and full service kitchens. 


There's a movement toward all things handmade, handcrafted, and artisan, from food to fashion, furniture, and art. Think Bloomsbury Design style with its free-spirited painting style and strong color merging with the farmer designer movement, but in a more cultivated and sophisticated way. 

  • Grandmillennial - a portmanteau of grandma and millennial celebrates the past with a modern twist added through prints, color, and patterns. 
  • Vintage-inspired items like The Mah Jong modular low lying couch, a classic 70's furniture piece from Roche Bobois are gaining popularity due to their retro style and bright colors. 
  • Gothic/Pugin - nods to a darker, weightier design period with distinct shapes, patterns, and colors.


As we customize our spaces to reflect our living styles, we need guidance more than ever. Design and color consultants are more in demand than ever. They provide a fresh perspective, insight into architecture and design trends, and vast experience in choosing color and surface materials. Considering the frustrating emotional and financial repercussions of choosing the wrong paint color, the investment is well worth it.  Click here to see how a design mentor can help. 


The focus on sustainability and eco-forward products is no longer a trend but a movement that is inspiring innovation on all fronts. 

  • Treated Wood - Wood, in a variety of colors (especially dark and black tones) can be made stable and durable from treating with environmentally friendly C2 Guard. 
  • Botanicals and plants continue the familiar Biophilia trend, but now include dried flowers on both grand and minimal scales.
  • Mushrooms - in design and food will be celebrated for their color, shape, flavor, and medicinal benefits. 
  • C2 Cabinet and Trim - for those looking for a traditional, durable oil finish for their cabinets, we’ve created an even more durable product without the toxins! Read more about this innovative product here. Now available in Eggshell finish! 
  • Soulful (and Colorful) Fashion - this brightly colored fashion brand Farm Rio shows that eco-friendly isn't limited to neutrals. Their ethos stands at the forefront of their brand in their mission to use 100% carbon-neutral materials and give back to people and the planet.



Green is the primary color direction heralding the design world for 2022 for its ability to soothe our souls, connect us to nature, and heal us internally. As we move through the year, we will see unique applications of color: think stripes, accent walls, wrapped corners, contrasting trim, and colorful ceilings.

"The art of placement appreciates that colour is an integral object in a room - not simply a surface application. The necessary starting point is now less about what colour you are using, but more about where and how it will be considered." Philippa Radon 

Feature Color for 2022 - Olive Branch

The organic roots of Olive Branch provide an anchored sense of purpose. The complexity of its color is reliable, quietly strong, and dependable, while its softness offers a sense of grounding tranquility. Both rich in heritage and strong in character, it's able to stand on its own and comfortably adapt to various design settings and styles. See more about how to use this versatile color here:

  • Feature Color 2022: Olive Branch 


Trends provide us with inspiration and direction. Once you define your creative voice, you can decide which ones suit your lifestyle - or not. At the end of the day, our homes are reflections of the way we like to live, whether that's modern and minimalist or cozy and vintage, it's all about what speaks to you!

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