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The Truth About Full Spectrum Paint (and 3 Reasons You Need it for Your Next Project)

If you’ve painted a room in your house recently, you know that tackling a new painting project is both daunting and exhilarating. You’ve visited the big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes and likely popped into your local Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams stores but found yourself overwhelmed by all the choices. You are a seasoned commitment-phobe after all, and the thought of saying "yes" to that kitchen color leaves you feeling anxious and stuck. Choosing the right basically breaks down to two things: quality and color. There’s a simple way to achieve both in one product. It’s called full-spectrum paint.

Full Spectrum Color: What's The Story?

To be fair, the term "full-spectrum" means different things to different people, but the philosophy at C2 Paint revolves around a few key factors, the first being the implementation of a one of a kind 16 colorant system. To keep things in perspective, most traditional manufacturers use 8-10 colorants or less in order to use the smallest amount of pigments possible. Why? It's a numbers game and it keeps costs low. Some brands take that even further, using just three pigments, plus black – which is not much more sophisticated than coloring the wall with a box of Crayolas.

Full Spectrum paint = next level color

Back in the day, artists – knowing that black absorbs instead of reflects colors – used deep blues and greens to darken and add depth to colors, therefore ensuring that the colors were luminous and reflective instead of flat.

The impressionists avoided black not only because it nearly doesn't exist in nature, but because the effects caused by changes in hue are so much richer than those caused by changes in shade. When you use pure black to create contrast, you miss out completely on the powerful effects of changes in hue. (Designhackers.com)

The Cliffs by Claude Monet

The same theory applies to C2 Paint. The finely ground pigments sourced and owned solely by the company, create a high-quality paint base that, when combined with the colorants, creates rich, electrifying colors.

3 Reasons to Use C2:

1. Pre-edited Palette

Now that you’ve succumbed to the fact that quality paint is paramount, it’s time to choose the colors that will bring your project to life and reflect a space that is authentically YOU. Every 496 color in the C2 Palette is pre-edited—carefully vetted, named and chosen by color experts to represent a palette that is both harmonious with each other and with the colors found in nature. We leave the “in your face” fluorescent yellows and neon greens to others. Our colors bring the beauty of the outside, in. See C2’s palette here.

Click HEREto see why designer Philippa Radon only uses C2 color. 

2. Spot-on Sampling

Trying to choose the perfect paint color based on a tiny 2" x 3" sample is both fearless and foolish, depending on how you look at it. C2’s Ultimate Paint Chipsare pre-painted poster board-sized (17’ x 25”) paint sample sheets. It’s an innovative way to see your color in a large swatch that is…wait for it…painted with actual PAINT, not printed reproductions. It’s a surefire way for homeowners and designers to save time and money.

Ultimate Paint Chips are an easy, affordable way to test color.

Tiny paint pots, sample boards, or foam brushes can be quite cumbersome, messy, and frustrating to use. It was decided that the sample pots would be 16 oz. of C2 premium paint, which is enough for some generous wall samples. Homeowners and designers can agree that this is better than cheap 4 oz. jars. In fact, C2 sellers can often tint custom colors into sampler pots for customers.

C2 Paint 16 oz. Sampler

It’s typically a good idea for homeowners and designers alike to sample the actual paint color on boards and view the color at different times of the day and in various positions around the room; this helps confirm that that color is exactly what you want. Many people will skip this important step because it takes extra work. But C2 Paint has solved this problem by creating hand-painted color tools.

3. Local Love

If having the most outstanding color, extraordinary durability and quality, the best color selection isn’t enough to make you try C2 Paint on your next project, maybe letting you know that the company is the only paint cooperative in North America, meaning, it’s owned by individual paint dealers who exemplify outstanding customer service and knowledge. We know that supporting local business owners is the key to thriving communities.

C2 paint retailers ensure that the color work is the most important part of the process, not just selling paint. - Tom Hill, president, C2 Paint

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