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It’s all about the blues in 2019 and I don’t mean the sad kind. Not only will blues be big in fashion for the year, but also with interiors as well. It’s all about adding in pops of color that you feel most comfortable with. As much as we love the clean Scandinavian neutral tones, I think we’ll start to see people play with color again and frankly, we’re super excited about that.

The color blue symbolizes peace, stability, and depth. Here are five easy ways to get in the blue mood for the year ahead. Plus, blue never goes out of style! And how beautiful is this blue mood board?

Update your accent pieces

Accent pieces like throw pillows, decorative trays, frames, lamps, and even art can add a lot of depth to the room and is an easy way to incorporate this versatile color. Indigo is a gorgeous of-the-moment hue that can complement other colors in the home nicely.

Swap out the chairs in your dining room

I don’t know about you, but I love bold chairs surrounding a dining room. It’s a conversation starter and they liven up the dining area plus it’s an easy update that leaves a lasting impression.

Luxury Paint goes a long way

Blue is a paint color with such a wide range of beautiful shades that can literally be applied anywhere. A wall of a guest room, a front door, a credenza, you name it, you can add blue to it. C2 Paint has an expansive range of hues like C2-753 Bluetonium and C2-773 Blackberry that harmonizes with the design elements in the room. Plus, you can also create your perfect customized blue if you don’t find the shade you’re looking for. The great part about C2 Paint color is what you see on the chip is what you will see on the wall.

C2-753 Bluetonium on the wall | Greg DeMeza Architecture

Go bold with your living room furniture

I love love love a blue couch. It makes a bold statement but also compliments neutrals so well. I know it can feel a little scary adding a blue couch to your living room, but it’s so worth the risk. And kick it up a notch with a complimentary blue painted wall to really give the room personality.

Enhance your bathroom tile

If you want to create a zen-like atmosphere in your bathroom, why not go with blue tile in the shower? Blue tile can be very calming, and we love a deep blue chevron. It adds dimension and beauty to a bathroom that will make you never want to leave.

See! It’s super easy to up the blue factor in the home. You can do it yourself or enlist a professional to get it just right. Did you find inspiration in this post? Please let us know in the comments!

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