C2 Paint 2020 Color of the Year

Announcing...our color of the year for 2020: Salty Brine, a soft green-blue that's as versatile as it is beautiful.


Salty Brine Inspiration Board


Salty Brine C2-701

This rich hue floats effortlessly between green and blue, giving it a richness and depth that can only be found in nature. Like water, it is fluid and diverse, carrying organic notes that honor the natural world. This soothing color provides an inspiring backdrop to our search for global solutions that protect the environment, as the focus towards sustainability becomes more of a daily intention. Salty Brine’s complex undertones emit a harmonic frequency to aid in our journey for deeper meaning and purpose beyond material possessions.

Salty Brine is the perfect bedroom color

“Salty Brine is a watery, greenish blue that has the ability to connect and unite the variable elements of a space and deliver energy to a room, whether it's used as a dominant colour or takes on a secondary, supporting role. I see it as the ‘main character’ that can stand on its own but can also take on a different personality when paired with other characters.”

 -- Philippa Radon, Designer + C2 Color Specialist


Lemongrass (C2-656) 

A unique blend of neon and pastel, Lemongrass carries an on-trend freshness reminiscent of a palette-cleansing sorbet. A contemporary take on yellow, it bridges two worlds: one that is pacing with ever-evolving technology; the other firmly rooted in the wisdom of the past, in hopes that we move forth more mindfully. It’s the thoughtful transporting of the old into the new. The color’s cool undertones present a modern/pop/techno vibe in a light, multifunctional hue that embodies a bright, optimistic view of the future.

Lemongrass looks strikingly bold against a dark colour. When paired with a softer bloom floral, it hits an edgy Scandinavian note for an on-trend cultural infusion.


Cappuccino Froth (C2-784)

As our lives become impossibly busier, faster and more demanding, taking time out for self-care becomes more difficult, making creativity and balance in our personal lives a priority. Cappuccino Froth emits soothing, “zen-ergy” with warm undertones that reminds us to relax and enjoy the simple everyday moments, while also rebooting our spirit through the nurturing comforts of home. This softer hue leans toward the more delicate side of the color wheel with deceivingly full-bodied colorants that take on an almost ethereal nature when paired with other neutrals. 

Cappuccino Froth is revered for its warmth as it gently steers us away from the more obvious pinks into something embracing and sophisticatedly neutral.

Capuccinno Froth

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September 24, 2019

I absolutely LOVE the Salty Brine color!!!! We are planning on painting our sunroom this awesome color!!! Can’t wait to see the beautiful results!!!!

michelle haddon
michelle haddon

August 02, 2019

In discussions with Bruce, all my color choices have been made for the past many years. Now that Bruce, nor Prather Paint, is in business, I am paralyzed. Need to paint my house, which is currently a bluish grey to coordinate with the orange with taupe-brown bricks in some places.
Is there such a thing as a phone interview with a color expert, to start a color-picking exercise for me. I don’t think there is a C2 distributor near me. I have ordered C2 paint on-line since Bruce left.
Michelle (847)774-9259

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