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C2 Paint's Independent Retailers Paint Colorful Communities

With July being Independent Retailer Month, it's the perfect time to celebrate the power of small business. At C2 Paint, the idea of home resides beyond four walls. It reaches deep into the hearts of the communities where our independent retailers live, work, and play. Each of them contributes to the unique culture that makes Main Street so special.

Here are a few ways C2's Independent Retailers are celebrating their commitment to community. 

1. Emphasizing Independence

C2 Paint is a business model that was created with its retailers in mind. Founder Thomas Hill wanted to turn the traditional corporate dynamic on its head by making local businesses the main focus instead of shareholders. C2 provides a fertile ground for fresh ideas and values the voices of their partners and peers. This not only means astounding product innovation and scientific advancements but also results in a color palette with a huge personality -- where Espionage, Cutie, Scallywag, and Bohemian peacefully coexist.

"We value the spirit of independence and celebrate it every day in our business. Many of our C2 dealers are carrying on family legacies of over 100 years! It's these unique stories and individuals that define what it means to be independent." - Tom Hill, President, C2 Paint

2. Supporting the Arts

Still Here - The Avenue Concept, Providence RI

Having a profound appreciation for art is a core tenant of the C2 brand, both in their handcrafted approach to production and in the full spectrum color they produce. Like fine painters throughout history, they deepen their colors using no black (which is known to dull color); instead, they combine tones to create a depth and luminosity that brings your walls to life. 

It's a priority for the company to support and encourage local artists. They supply paint for several public art projects across North America in an effort to celebrate creativity and beautify local communities. 

The Avenue - Providence, RI

Another art project supported by C2 Paint is The Avenue Concept in Providence, Rhode Island. Their latest installment by artist Agonza (aka Angela Gonzales) painted a portrait of Miss Rhode Island as a strong positive example of black leadership.
Artis Agonzo stands in front of her mural painted on a boarded up retail space

View the inspiring video here

"There is a profound responsibility in being a dedicated community contributor. It's about the deep relationship that you form with the place where you do business. As in all sustainable relationships, it's about give and take. Supporting the things that you love, while earning the trust and respect of your patrons who support you. Ideally, it's about establishing a strong sense of place" – Harry Adler, Adler's Hardware, Providence RI

Albright Knox Public Art Initiative - Buffalo, NY

Wildflowers - Buffalo, NY

In C2's hometown of Buffalo, NY, they teamed up with the Albright Knox Museum to sponsor a variety of murals throughout the city. The Albright-Knox's Public Art Initiative is an innovative partnership designed to enhance a shared sense of place and cultural identity in Western New York urban and suburban landscapes. 

"The goal of the Initiative is to create spaces of dialogue where diverse communities have the ability to produce great public art capable of empowering individuals, creating stronger neighborhoods." – Aaron Ott, Albright Knox Museum

TAVAR ZAWAKI, Metamorphosis #5, 1665 Main Street, Buffalo NY

The vibrant pattern of vividly colored overlapping and interweaving forms—visible for blocks on this stretch of Main Street—is based on Zawacki's signature artistic motif: the upward arrow. 


Gretchen Weidner is a muralist and commissioned painter located in Southern California. Recently, she created a series of paintings using C2 Paint. 

"I believe the emotional satisfaction I feel with each paint stroke of color is worth sharing with the world. That is why I use C2 Paint. Exceptional quality, captivating colors, and artist-grade pigments all come together, whether in my mural work or canvas pieces. Look between the paint strokes; pure exuberance one paint stroke at a time thanks to the pigment-rich extensive line of colors."  - Gretchen Weidner, Artist

4. Invigorating the Economy

By supporting local businesses, you are providing for those very people who help design the unique character of your community. They are our friends and neighbors, and extended family. When they thrive, we all succeed. 

When you purchase C2 Paint, you are not only buying the finest quality Paint in the industry, you are supporting your local independent retailers, stimulating the local economy and doing business with people who are your friends and neighbors. 

Independent retail returns 46.9% of all revenue to the local economy while major chains recirculate 13.6% of revenue within local markets.” - Civic Economics

Learn how to support independent businesses or promote your own at

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