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Culture Club: Japandi 2022

How This Popular Design Movement is Evolving 


If you were to name a style that perfectly exemplifies the most popular modern-day design movement, its  Japandi, a sensibility that draws on the ubiquitous Scandinavian expression combined with the functional elegance and tradition of the Japanese aesthetic. Fusing these two cultures celebrates a fundamentally minimalist and nurturing lifestyle that focuses on balance, intention, and grounding. Rooted in simplicity, seasonal comfort, and an authentic striving for a more conscientious lifestyle, it proves that history can be presented in a clean, modern way to soothe mind, body, and spirit.

“The natural harmony found in the burgeoning Japandi style owes a lot to Denmark and Japan's long-held cultural ties. It's a relationship of influence that began over 150 years ago, when Danish architects, artists, and designers began traveling to Japan in search of new inspiration.” - Boconcepts.com 

The Modern Spin on Japandi Design

Though Japandi has been one of the most popular design aesthetics for many years, it's not losing steam. In fact, it's being updated to reflect the modern trends. Here are a few ways it might work for your tastes.

1// Make it Moody

While Scandinavian design is often characterized by soft whites, warm neutrals, or dusky pastels, Japanese style is known for having richer smokier tones, usually derived from nature in both inspirations and with the use of natural plant dyes. Modern Japandi palettes include darker, moodier colors like blacks, browns, and watery and deep indigo blues that align with nature's elements. The marriage of these two aesthetics builds a broader complimentary range to work with.

"It's through the layering of these colors with the whites, shiitakes, and other neutrals that inspires a comforting and soothing environment and introduces deeper, more saturated colors for added depth and tension." Philippa Radon

2// Unique, Handcrafted Accents


Though Japanese accents tend to be more utilitarian (think: painted screens or traditional Shoji doors), the culture has also introduced us to the traditional artistic techniques of charring wood in a process calledShou Sugi Ban. In addition to being visually appealing, it also makes the surface water repellent and prevents sun damage while also being a strong design statement.

Another handmade work to try is Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing (mainly pottery) with gold, embracing the flaws as art and the beauty of the Wabi-Sabi mindset.


3// Modern Mix

Image by impeccablenestdesign.com

In addition to Japandi, one of the most popular design searches on Pinterest revolves around hand-crafted, artisan products, which embody various styles that value the tradition and meaning behind decor pieces, including Grand Millennial and Cottagecore (link to past blogs). Additionally, we are seeing the intermixing of these styles, which creates an eclectic fusion that allows your personality to shine through! For example you might see Chinoisserie in a Grand Millennial style home or an organic shapes and an overabundance of greenery in a Cottage Core style home. 

4// Nature-First Decor

Nature is the ultimate inspiration in Japandi design. Because it focuses more on functionality, with great respect for nature, it's preferred to use sustainable materials like wood and take it one step further by focusing on quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly and local materials. In addition, using elegant plants cleanses the air and brings a touch of nature indoors. Lately, we see nods to nature through whimsical, large printed nature motifs, whether through wallpaper or hanging art. 

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