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Dive into Deep Blue-green: Moody, Magical + Modern

Trends come and go, but we believe that any color that’s inspired by nature will stand the test of time. It’s merely a matter of how - and where -  you use it. One of our most inspiring blue-greens is Cypress (C2-710). Relevant to current times, it’s deeply restorative yet also uplifting and optimistic -- a nuanced color harkens the mysteries of deep blue water with the magic and vibrancy of a lush tropical forest. 

C2 Maine is a deep, sophisticated blue green

Deep Blue-Green: A Spiritual Awakening?

A darker teal or blue-green represents the combination of communication and clarity of thought (the throat and heart connection in auric terms). Is it any wonder that the Tibetan monks claim teal to be symbolic of infinite sea and sky, the vastness of the universe, and our connection to something greater?

Though it sounds contradictory, a color like Cypress balances positive energy with a calming sensibility. 

For those needing an extra boost of positivity and energy clearing after months of hibernation, isolation, or energy overload, try this easy energy clearing method to combat the constant bombardment of cell phones, computers, poor health, and stress:

  • Place bowls of mineral salt mixed with warm water in every room to absorb negative energy.
  • Leave for a maximum of 24 hours, then dispose of the water.
  • Bad energy, be gone!

Decorating with Deep Cyan

The rich, versatile color engages the natural light as it shifts effortlessly between blue and green. Deep Cyan is defined is a dark turquoise that has a greater degree of blue than green when mixed together.  Its depth exudes sophistication, yet can also create a cozy effect depending on its location and decor pairings. 

1. Create a Cacooning Effect in the Bedroom

Image via House and Garden UK

Deep cyan wall colors lend themselves to a tranquil, cocoon-like feeling, while minimalist decor and luxurious finishes add dashes of character. 

2. Add Color to Kitchen Cabinets 

Image via Studio McGee

If you follow color trends, painting kitchen cabinets a rich, dark green like Cypress is on the rise, as well as using the color in more creative ways like with an accent color like Austin (C2-844) hidden discreetly on the interior of drawers and doors. Dark colors look stunning with metal or hammered hardware.

3. Stage a Sophisticated, Eclectic Living Space

Image via Audenza.com

Cozy, colorful and sophisticated? We’re in! This dynamic wall color provides a perfect backdrop for artwork and accessories; from tonal applications to eclectic fabrics and colors, the opportunities are endless.

Adding a color like C2 Cypress to millwork like shiplap (try this in the bathroom, too!) can instantly up the design factor and create an instant mood.

Image via Italianbark.com

Cypress Color Pairings:


The collaboration of Cypress + Ambrosia (C2-529) reflects the more whimsical side of deep Cyan and would work well in a geometric pattern.


Pairing a color like Cypress with the brighter blue of Bel Canto (C2-959)j or Churchill (C2-710) explores the softer Scandi-inspired tone on tone environment. The "new" Scandi is showing warmer more vibrant colors. 


For those embracing the dark and more enigmatic side of nature, pair Cypress with Mediterranean (C2-709)


An intense blast of color pair with Fandango 527 - just a small amount of this really takes this palette combo to a new invigorating level.


Using Cypress as a dark accent with a light neutral wall pair with Austin (C2-

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog!

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