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Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact Ways to Make Your Home Holiday Ready!

c2 paint holiday refresh home

The holiday season is among us, which means there’ll be parties for hosting and guests toasting, so our homes need to be ready for the festivities! We’ve put together a list of simple projects to give your home a dramatic refresh with minimal effort.

Step 1 is always the same: declutter and do a thorough cleaning. You’ll be surprised how much different your counters will look with everything put away. If you don’t have a ton of counter space, opt for stylish storage containers like these, so everything has its place.

Repaint the Guest Room (or Any Room!)

Paint remains the least expensive and least exhaustive way to transform a space. There’s something about a guest room that gives us more confidence to experiment. It’s an excellent spot for a splash of color from wallpaper, a painted accent wall (or both!). If you want a clean, serene look, try Paperclip (C2-928) or Dorian Grey (C2-962). However, if you want more dramatic impact, try Halifax (C2-711), a mid-teal blue, or our Color of the Year, Tiramisu (C2-600), for a bold, earthy look. Click here for more tips on getting your guest room ready.

Paint the Door

Nothing gives your home a new look more easily than painting the front door a refreshing new color! To spruce up your curb appeal, paint the exterior door something bold that compliments your siding. If you’re looking to stand out on your block with bold beauty, try Tassel (C2-636).To refresh the interior of your house, paint the interior side of the door a color that will enhance the design and decor of the space (or if it’s neutral, try a deep tone or pop of color).

Add Wainscoting

If you are looking for something a bit more permanent, wainscoting is a beautiful way to add dimension and interest to a space. It can completely transform a room with a sophisticated accent! To save money and time, you can “fake it” with paint by rolling the color 3 feet up from the bottom of the wall, then buy large frames or molding strips, paint them the same color, and glue them along the wall to create the perfect illusion of expensive detailed craftsmanship. We love the deep magnet color of Wall Street (C2-951).

Bring Nature Indoors

There are many ways to incorporate nature into your home, from fruit to pinecones to greenery and branches. Metallic spray paint works magic! Try spraying your pine cones and other elements with silver and/or gold paint to add instant holiday appeal. Fruit is also a lovely way to add natural yet bold color. Miniature-sized fruits like pears or crab apples are perfectly sized for glass hurricanes. The rich natural colors of fresh purple figs also make a wonderful decor accent, as do persimmons with natural greenery and threads of starlights wound in. Or a pretty swag of herbs, sage, and berry sprigs tied with a festive colored velvet ribbon to hang from interior door handles (you can add bells as well!)

Paint a Piece of Furniture

Give an essential piece of furniture new life by giving it some TLC before the holidays. Select a furniture piece that can make a statement, like an old credenza or a coffee table. Try choosing a color that will set it apart from the background. For example, if your walls are white, try painting your furniture piece a deep blue like C2 Espionage (C2-742).

Try Your Hand at Art

You don’t have to be an artist to create an eye-catching piece of art that will draw the attention of your guests. Modern art can be very minimalistic, so only a few brushstrokes in your favorite C2 Paint color would be enough to pull your room together. Try contrasting with your wall color for a dramatic effect, or play up your wall color with a monochromatic color scheme. Try this C2 trio Tin Man (C2-970), Stomp (C2-983), and Cronkite (C2-991).


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