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Home, Our Safe Haven...

by Philippa Radon

“Home is perhaps our strongest ally, our greatest ongoing investment and the familiar place where we seek to find daily comfort and security by providing us with a fundamental sense of belonging”.  

In these uncertain times, let's try to utilize our home time wisely and become more conscious of our practices and intentions. Now is a perfect time to seek out and explore the opportunities to reconnect with our ordinary rituals and routines that help keep us grounded and connected. As we adjust to being able to slow down, we should consider the what, why, and how, of our daily habits, and adjust them to meet our current self.

Cultivate new ways if they better serve us and embrace the merits of a more carefully considered home. The bricks and mortar that physically protect us represent far more than just shelter, but also a framework to practice wellbeing through our individual design and creativity.  

Update and refresh with new colors like Inuvik Ice (C2-716)

As a professional stylist, I can instantly see what needs to be removed, relocated, or refurbished. These tried and true questions will help you develop your own style and sense of self. 

What can you do to enrich your home experience? We can take a step back to view it with a more discerning eye and follow some supportive direction. Ask yourself :

  • What is the primary function of the room?
  • What materials and textures do you respond to most?
  • Do you have a central focus in the room? If not, is there something that your eye is immediately drawn to? 
  • What are the three feelings you want the space to most strongly elicit? 

Style Notes

  • Work with what you have; remove most things before you add more in
  • Practice makes perfect. Even for the professional stylist, experiment with a few different layouts to highlight what works and what doesn't. Take a few photos to see your space framed as it helps to be visually objective
  • Even if you LOVE it, it might not be the right piece in this context. Trust that you'll find the right spot for it somewhere else -- maybe where you least expect it!

ROOM BY ROOM…discover what brings you joy


Sleep, a good mattress and the perfect pillow, are the fundamental basics necessary to feel fully restorative and rejuvenated. But how we think about this personal space also contributes significantly to waking with wellbeing. Take a moment to reconnect and question this space that really only needs to resonate with you (and your partner if they are the two-legged kind). Bedroom spaces have a tendency to get neglected, with our focus often directed on the communal areas of the home. 

  • What colours do you most positively respond to that feel embracing and nurturing?
  • What do you want to wake up to? Think about colours that fit your early morning mood and temperament. 
  • Even if you decide not to paint right now, you can start to build a vision board. 


There is a nurturing power in water and the act of bathing. Whether you're a tub or a shower person, the ritual of bathing is a crucial part of our daily routine. The bathroom is a space that nurtures our body and mind, so take some time to explore how you can enhance the experience.  

  • Invest in quality soaps & products that boost your mood, nourish your skin & connect with your sense of smell 
  • Use paint colours that are flattering to your skin tone 
  • Buy, or better yet, create your own bath caddy, which is both useful and functional  



Gathering, eating healthy has never been more important in boosting our immune system and nurturing our minds and bodies with natural ingredients. Kitchens are hardworking spaces with constant foot traffic and functional demands that also require an esthetically inviting setting. This is the perfect time to:

  • Clear off countertops as much as possible for extra organised workspace
  • Rethink your communal eating areas and seating
  • Add greenery to bring in natural texture and colour diversity. This might not be permanent, but if nothing else is creative and refreshing to the eye.  


Socialize, I'm a great believer in moving things around and repurposing existing furniture. You'd be amazed to see how many possessions you have stored away that you can reuse, so shop your own home!  The main living space is about comfort, interacting, sharing. Think big but start small in these areas. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the story you wish to tell here?
  • Are the main furniture pieces in the best spots directionally? 
  • What about adding a refresh in terms of colour?

As we head into Spring and Summer think about how to change out winter textures to lighter weight fabrics and colours.

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