3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up for Summer

With us spending more time at home, we are all in need of a change of scenery. Here are some quick color fixes to get you geared up for the warm weather.

1. Paint the Inside of Your Front Door

Paint the inside of the front door to add color and the element of surprise!

It’s like wearing your favorite rock star t-shirt underneath a business suit. Only those close to you can appreciate your unique style. With colors like Al Green (an energetic, yellow-green), Diva (a deep, sophisticated red) or Blue Grotto(a rich, gorgeous blue). Your front door will become your newest work of art, and can change with the seasons – or your mood!

2. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so use colors, and products, that last! C2’s  Cabinet and Trim Paint features patented Polywhey® technology — a safe, easy-to-use finish using recycled dairy whey protein. The result is a smooth, porcelain-hard finish that is one of the most eco-friendly and durable products in the marketplace (p.s. it’s also great for floors because the finish is that sturdy!)

Designers Catherine and Justine Macfee transformed this kitchen to achieve a farm-to-table feel with a modern twist. They took advantage of every surface, using Parchment (C2-915) for the walls and Filament (C2-798) for the cabinetry. To top it off, they artfully mixed a pattern on the floor, with Urbane (C2-808) and stripes of Filament for a personal touch. 


Painting cabinets tell a color story in your kitchen

3. Paint an Accent Wall

Deep, rich colors can create an interesting focal point

Ok, ok, we know. Many designers say accent walls are passe. Well, we tend to think otherwise because, to us, paint should reflect your personal style. It's a great way to add a bright or bold color without being overwhelming. Use a super-premium paint and consider the finish - a gloss will add lots of drama (and shine) while eggshell or matte will be more subdued. The deep, powerful blue of Espionage (C2-742) offers this office space (above) style and definition. It also provides a great backdrop for those Zoom calls!

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