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Modern decor is known for being sleek and simple, but it can also be warm and inviting if done right. Not to mention, modern elements harmonize well with other design styles like rustic and vintage when paired appropriately. We’ve rounded up seven inspiring spaces that do modern decor right, along with must-have pieces that are quintessentially modern.

Simple wall art

In a lot of modern homes, you will notice simple, single-focus art on the walls that draw your attention. Typically, two to three large photographs with a thin wood, black or white frame does the trick. The photo of this family’s two kids is “simply” beautiful, and is the perfect way to maintain clean, stylish lines in the home even with toys covering the floor.


Clean lines

The number one feature of the modern aesthetic is super clean lines. Tables, kitchen counters, bathroom designs, etc will have strong, straight edges on various surfaces to enhance the minimalist vibe.

Laure Joliet

Houseplants are a must

Plants are a must-have accent to a modern space. Modern home lovers typically love beautiful, lush greenery especially as a feature of living room decor. From palms to succulents, bring one bring all, as long as there is plenty of green (and oxygen) to add life to your home, while also making a nod to the most celebrated designer of all time: nature.

Becki Owens

High gloss furniture

Furniture like this round white marble table, as well as TV consoles and credenzas, will have a glossy finish to it and is sometimes mixed with wood and metals for a beautiful rustic/farmhouse contemporary or mid-century vibe.

Image by: Style at Home By: Beth Hitchcock Source: Janis Nicolay

The round mirror

We’re such a fan of the oversized round mirror. It doubles as a piece of art that adds instant style. These mirrors are easy to find in any price range.

Image by: Style at Home, By: Beth Hitchcock, Source: Janis Nicolay

The minimalist sofa

The modern sofa tends to be very minimalist. All of the pillows match or follow a singular color palette and have some structure to it. But always follows one rule–comfort! Opt for a light grey or white for a super chic and sleek look. Add tonal pillows for a monochromatic look or use this as an opportunity to add pops of color and texture that reflect your personal style.

The Makerista

Unique lighting

This is where things get interesting. From rounded halos to rectangular chandeliers and pendant lighting, the shapes are endless! There are so many unique options that can really round out the modern style.

Zero Lighting

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