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Color Confidential’s new profile series featuring designers, artists, interior design clients, influencers, and more.  Next up is the colorful and enthusiastic interior designer, Nicole Newkirk

What are your top three favorite design trends right now?

My top 3 design trends are definitely…

1. Black everything! I love using black in all of my projects in any form. It is such a classic color.

2. Texture, texture, texture. Adding texture is one of the best things you can do to spruce up your space. It could be a woven throw blanket, a shaggy chair or even a credenza. If you feel like your room needs a little kick, make sure to add some texture.

3. Jewel-toned pops of color. I love the idea of adding a bold piece of art, fabrics, or accessories to create some drama against a white backdrop. 

What design trends are you putting behind you in 2019?

The design trends I’m putting behind me are macrame art, copper finishes, and mid-century everything. Basically following popular design trends for the year. It’s easy to follow trends to try to stay relevant, but in my opinion, timeless designs don’t follow trends.

What inspires you most?

A lot inspires me as a designer :)  

1. Art shows, galleries, magazines, museums, etc. Being out and exploring what’s going on in the world of design. There is so much to be inspired by on this earth.

2. I love T Magazine, Vogue Paris, Rue Magazine and designboom.

3. Yoga. I wake up every day and attend two back to back hot yoga classes, starting at 6 am. (Yay! CorePower Yoga, I love them!)

It’s an amazing workout and it helps me clear my mind so I can start the day fresh.

What has been your favorite project to work on and why?

My favorite project to work on was my Ross, California project. This project really tested my ability and skills as a designer, because I furnished the whole house in a week and a half. My client wanted to move in as soon as possible. She had no furniture, so we basically started from scratch. All she wanted was for it to be comfortable. It is like a designer’s dream to basically have a project (no budget) and design it however you want. In the end, she was ecstatic!

What would be your go-to C2 Paint colorsfor 2019?

Which room do you think should be updated a few times a year?

I love updating my bedroom! I think I’ve painted it three times since I’ve lived in my home, LOL. It went from white to black, then back to white. I updated the bedding, art, pillows, rugs etc. I basically change it all.

What’s your best organizing/project management tip for starting a new design project? Paying close attention to detail. Hearing your clients’ needs are so important during the beginning stages of a design project.


Your portfolio of work has a very youthful, yet sophisticated vibe to it. How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?

Fun, stylish and one-of-a-kind are the three words I live by when designing homes. Also, comfort is another one to add :)

What has been the most teachable moment as a designer?

Getting my Ross project done in a week and a half. That really tested my capability of meeting deadlines within a short period of time. I really did not think I could furnish a whole house that quickly, but I surprised myself and my client as well.


Check out Nicole work at www.nicolenewkirk.com. And follow her on Instagram @nicolenewkirk and Pinterest.

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