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This week, it’s all about bathroom trends. We tend not to spend a whole lot of time in the bathroom as it’s seen as a more functional space, but as we move towards living a more balanced life and indulging in self-care, the bathroom becomes a space of serenity, providing some much-needed time for us to check-in with ourselves. To help you accomplish your bathroom goals aka self-care sanctuary, here are nine trends to help reimagine your respite.

Statement walls

Having one statement wall can bring your bathroom to life without overdoing it. Plus, it helps inject your personality into the decor. Go for a super chic and playful wallpaper like this deconstructed geometric stripe or celestial pattern. You can also curate a gallery wall of motivational quotes and sayings to help inspire you in the morning. Or, opt for a bold paint color you’ve been dying to try but haven’t mustered the courage like Mediterranean (C2-709) or Aperture (C2-981).

Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Spa Features

It goes without saying, when we get home from a long day of work, prepping dinner and picking up the kids, we all want to retreat to the bathroom as soon as we step through the door. But what if the bathroom was a real retreat? Spa features can include using specific tiling to create the ambiance. According to Better Homes and Gardens, DXV (a LIXIL brand) recently debuted Aqua Moment a bathtub inspired by Japanese hot springs that comes complete with chromatherapy lighting and a waterfall system that cascades over the shoulders. Also, consider your storage. Using wicker and jute baskets for storing towels, or mason jars for cotton balls and bath salts can create a spa-like vibe. If you have a small space, consider a heated towel rack.

High-tech toilets

Don’t overlook the toilet seat. Enter the glorious toilet-tech, one of the latest technologies we all need in our lives, the Numi Intelligent Toilet by Kohler. It’s motion-activated, provides hands-free opening and closing of the seat and cover, is self-cleaning and provides adjustable seat heating, ambient lighting, and more. Talk about not getting your hands dirty.

Grey cabinetry

In case you didn’t know, grey is a trending color for the bathroom. Instead of going for the traditional stark white cabinets, opt for a stroke of grey. It’s a great neutral for the bathroom that harmonizes with other design elements like marbles, bold patterns, and natural wood flooring. Our favorite greys include Grout (C2-994) and Cronkite (C2-991).

Curved vanity mirrors

Do away with traditional vanity mirrors in 2019. It’s all about the curves. Upgrading your mirrors is an easy way to help create that at-home spa experience. Framed, curved mirrors were all the rage at the design shows. We love a round or oval mirror framed in gunmetal. You can go as minimal or as avant-garde as you would like. Plus, they are timeless!

Off-kilter tubs

Typically you see stand-alone tubs in the middle of the bathroom or as the focal point of the space. Placing a tub off-kilter can free up some floor space while still looking super chic.

Exposed shower walls

Exposed walk-in shower walls are here to stay. It allows more light to bounce around and creates the illusion of an expansive bathroom. Plus, it promotes a serene environment. And don’t forget about the fixtures!

Elegant hardware

Speaking of elevated fixtures…as with the kitchen, thoughtful hardware can really turn things up a notch. Go for polished nickel, pewter, gunmetal or buttery brass to add some depth and elegance (it’s all about the little things!) throughout the space.


The use of natural wood in bathroom design can bring home the idea of an at-home spa. It makes one feel grounded and adds warmth to the space. Wood vanities, storage, or flooring are all great options for incorporating this natural material.

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