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This Tool Will Change the Way you Choose Color

How The C2 Ultimate Paint Chip is Changing the Way Customers Choose Color

How many times have you tried to choose the perfect paint color only to become overwhelmed by the number of choices and quality of the color? It makes it almost impossible to commit! Instead of wasting valuable time searching through a seemingly endless number of choices, we have edited our full spectrum palette to showcase only the most beautiful, classic colors that reflect the beauty of nature.

But we've taken the commitment to color one step further.

An industry first, we created the “Ultimate Paint Chip” (aka UPC), which is, quite literally, the ultimate way to help you feel confident about the colors you choose. This innovative oversized color memo measures 17” x 25”, which is seven times larger than the average chip. Made with real paint, it’s available in all 496 C2 colors.

Viewing paint color at a large scale helps you visualize your room

It’s the perfect no mess, no fuss way to sample your choices and coordinate colors between rooms or with existing furnishings. Designers find that UPCs are their secret weapon in helping their clients feel comfortable with the colors they choose. 

“When my clients see this color tool, their jaws often drop. They can’t believe that they ever chose a final color from a single swatch. This larger tool allows them to see the exact color in its new environment. When they choose a color, they feel confident and empowered.” – Philippa Radon, interior designer

3 Reasons Why This is Your New Favorite Color Tool

1. Made with Real Paint

Instead of printed chips that often don’t match the paint color, all of our color tools are made with premium eggshell paint. This handcrafted approach supports our artisan philosophy and removes the fear that comes with potentially choosing the wrong color. When the color is the “actual” paint, what you see is what you get!

Handsprayed with real paint, the color is spot on

2. Enlarged Viewing Area

When viewing color, it’s important that you can actually see the color in action. When you are viewing a 17 x 25” memo, you can truly appreciate how it interacts with the light throughout the day and enjoy firsthand how C2’s full spectrum color integrates with the 3D design elements in your room, like rugs, furniture and accents. The result? A beautifully cohesive space.

Feel confident in your color choices

3. Easy + Eco-friendly

No more messy paint samples and wasted product, this large color tool provides the perfect solution to confirming color with less waste. Handpainted with C2’s low VOC premium eggshell, you can make the perfect choice for your home – and the earth.

Real paint, less waste and color confidence…that’s the power of the C2 Paint UPC.


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