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Small upgrades that make the biggest difference. This week it’s all about grey paint.

A luxury grey paint can do wonders for your client’s home or space. It’s the perfect neutral that adds a touch of oomph for the minimalist. Typically considered a more conservative color, grey actually combines spice and elegance. Typically, we see grey used for kitchen cabinets, but there’s a lot more you can do with this wonderfully versatile color. It can be a great ‘softener’ in a room as well as a perfect alternative to stark white.

The one thing most people don’t consider when thinking of grey paint is undertones. Undertone is everything. In a nutshell, warm colors usually have orange, yellow or red undertones, while cool colors typically have blue, green or purple undertones. Determine which “temperature” of grey works with your lighting and design elements.

We have rounded up our favorite grey rooms to provide a little inspiration.

This home for the California Napa Valley Showhouse uses C2 Paint color Jailhouse Rock (C2-950), a charcoal hue that harmonizes well with the design elements in the room. And it compliments the wood paneling and accents well, giving off a chill yet eclectic vibe.

For this home, one of our designers went with a true light gray in C2 Paint color Archival (C2-785) in the hallway, which highlights the complementary hues in the drawing and other artwork It provides a wow factor while staying neutral.

This fabulous kitchen features a grey-blue C2 Paint color Ferrous (C2-995) on the walls and communal areas. The gloss sheen adds instant elegance and style. And what’s cool is that what you see on the color chip is exactly what you get on the wall.

In this beautiful iconic Ottawa apartment building features C2 Paint color Pavement (C2-988), a soft gray with a touch of blue that is made from finely ground, rare artisan pigments, as well as other shades of gray throughout the apartment. It gives off a classic and refined aesthetic while remaining inviting.

The wall paint color on this gorgeous beach house is C2 Paint color Seraph (C2-992). It is a heavenly light grey paint that feels very tranquil and compliments the relaxed vibe of the decor and furniture perfectly.

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