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Your Paint Problems: Solved! We Answer Our Most Asked Paint Questions.

Painting your home can be a transformative experience, but it often comes with its own set of questions and challenges. Whether you're looking to find the perfect color, ensure a smooth application, or select eco-friendly options, the options can seem endless. 

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Below is your guide to tackling the most common paint dilemmas, ensuring your next project is as flawless as your vision.

How do I make sure I’m choosing the right paint color?

Choosing the right color is the first step to achieving your dream space. Start by gathering inspiration from your surroundings or online platforms (think: nature, fashion, art). We recommend using real paint swatches (ours are made with real premium eggshell paint) and trying oversized formats like our UPCs to ensure your color is spot on. Colors will change throughout different times of the day–and you certainly can’t rely solely on what you see on your digital screen since they all display differently. Remember, lighting plays a crucial role in how colors are perceived, so consider your light sources.

How do I make sure I apply it correctly?

Properly prepare your space and use the right tools to achieve a professional-looking finish without the mess. It pays to use high-quality rollers, painter’s tape, and drop cloths are essential. Apply the paint evenly for a cleaner and more appealing finish. Here, DIY guru Jeff Thorman gives you some pro tips + a special discount for 20% off your order with code HRVDIY!

I’m in a rush! Can I speed up the drying process?

Slow drying times can be a setback, but there are ways to speed up the process. Opt for quicker-drying formulas like C2 Cabinet & Trim, enhance ventilation, and apply thin layers. If humidity is high, use a dehumidifier to help the paint dry faster and more evenly.

How do I make sure the paint lasts?

A durable finish starts with the right prep. Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and smooth before you begin. Using the right primer can enhance paint adhesion, and sealers can protect your finish from chips and peels, prolonging the life of your paint job.

What are healthier paint options for those with asthma and allergies?

For indoor projects, especially in less ventilated spaces, low-odor paints are ideal. These paints are not only more pleasant to work with but also better for your health and the environment. Al of our paints are low-VOC and low-odor and don't compromise on quality or color richness. C2 Cabinet & Trim paint was specifically made to limit toxins and odors for interior paint projects. 

How can I get professional results without the price tag?

You don’t need to break the bank for a quality paint job. Plan your project during sales, buy in bulk, and use high-coverage paints to reduce the number of coats needed. If you can’t afford C2 LUXE, our premium paint, try C2 Studio or C2 Loft, our entry-level paint – which is still remarkable in terms of color and coverage. Also, investing in quality tools can save you money in the long run by avoiding the need for frequent touch-ups. Keep in mind that using quality paint will actually end up saving you time and money. 

How can I test my color before committing?

Avoid buyer’s remorse by testing paint colors with C2 Paint’s large-format chips (aka our "Ultimate Paint Chips") and sample pots. Apply samples to different areas of your room to see how they respond to light throughout the day. This step is essential to ensure the color works in all conditions.

How do I find paints that are good for the planet?

Our paints are as good for the earth as they are for your walls. Eco-friendly paints reduce the emission of harmful chemicals, improving indoor air quality and minimizing environmental impact. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable options that meet the highest standards.

I want to paint myself, but I’ve never done it before. Where do I start?

First, knowing how to read paint labels can save you from purchasing the wrong product. Look for key terms like sheen, coverage, drying time, and VOC content. Understanding these basics will help you choose the right paint for your specific needs. Download our Paint Problem Solver E-book, which covers the basics, terms, techniques and much more!

What if I choose the wrong color?

Selecting a color shouldn’t be stressful. Start with neutrals if you’re unsure, as they are easier to complement and can be accented with bolder colors. Remember, paint is not permanent, and changing it is always an option if your tastes evolve. Read our 10 Commandments of Choosing Colorfor guidance.

Each of these points can guide you through your painting journey, from initial color selection to the final brushstroke.

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