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7 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and that means there will be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and an influx of friends, family, and guests. Of course, we want our homes to look the part of holiday host. We’ve put together a list of simple projects that can give your home a dramatic refresh with minimal effort, so you can spend less time prepping, and more time roasting chestnuts by the open fire!

1. Give the Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

C2 Kasbah

For many of us, the arrival of the holiday season brings the gift of houseguests. Providing a beautiful, cozy space for family and friends to unwind after that elaborate dinner will help make their holidays merry. The best and most cost-effective way to totally transform a room (and make it feel brand new) is to add a fresh coat of paint. For a clean, neutral look, try Pearl (C2-852) and accent with bright colors. If you want to make a more dramatic impact, try Kasbah (C2-573) and create a natural respite with wood elements and lots of texture and greenery.

2. Add Pillows + Texture 

If your pillow obsession is as strong as ours, adding pillows will instantly deliver holiday coziness. From rustic plaids to sparkle and shine, there is an accent for every décor style. Check out these versatile options from Joss & MainHoliday accessorizing doesn’t just stop at the pillows, personal touches like chunky knits or faux fur throws like this one from West Elm bring it all together. Top it all off with lots of candles to make your home feel like a special occasion!

3. Refresh Your Front Door 

Add an unexpected pop of color like Al Green (C2-652) on the inside of the front door

Nothing says “welcome” like painting the front door a refreshing new color! To spruce up your curb appeal, paint the exterior door something bold that compliments your siding. For a more creative touch, paint the interior side of the door a color that will enhance the design and decor of the space. Painting the front door is something that can be changed fairly easily so if you are an ambitious DIY’er you can even paint it according to the season. Try Topiary (C2-696) for a gorgeous evergreen entrance.

4. Paint a Piece of Furniture

Trend alert! Painting a key piece of furniture can give it a new life before the holidays. Select a furniture piece that can make a statement, like an old credenza or a coffee table in the main area. Choose a bold color that will set the piece apart from the background. For example, if your walls are white, try painting your furniture piece a deep blue like Cordon Bleu (C2-774).

5. Use monogram accents.

Personalize your home decor by adding monogrammed and other personalized accent pieces like a pillow, a table runner, or anything else you can think of! Small details like this will give your home that extra luxurious touch that will impress your holiday guests. Either freehand or use a stencil to paint your monogram. For a nice dark black monogram, try Aperture (C2-981).

 6. Amp Up Your Interior with Art

Deep Sea Diving by Gretchen Weidner using C2 Paint

One of the quickest ways to change the mood in a room is to replace or add some dramatic art pieces. Artists like Gretchen Weidneruse C2 Paint for their murals and art pieces because of its brilliant full-spectrum color. If your walls are white, opt for bolder pieces; or keep it monochromatic by accenting with a similar color.  

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Table runner using cedar, eucalyptus and brass bells by

No need to spend your holiday money on pre-made flower arrangements. Simply step outside to bring the brilliance of the outdoors in. Grab some greens and branches and slip them into a vase and accent with ribbon. Add white lights or fairy lights to bring some bling. One of our favorite accents for the dining table is to combine some more pliable greens like Eucalpytis with some evergreens to make a DIY table runner. Disperse some candles and color throughout (try pomegranates for a natural vibe) to add soft, spectacular sparkle. 

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