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10 Personal Touches To Make Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays

Now that life seems to be nearing normal (or a "new normal"), they say traveling for the holidays is officially on. Whether you're a guest or a host, both come with their own challenges, so taking time to plan can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Having guests is often the push you need to finish up those pesky improvement projects.

10 ways to make your guests feel calm and comfortable:

Image via theinspiredhome.com

1. Basket of Toiletries

Prepare a basket of goodies to welcome your guests and provide back up in case they forgot any essentials. Include things like makeup wipes, dry shampoo, lotion, a sleep mask, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair bands, and whatever else strikes your fancy. (If the guest is a male, you can pare the beauty items down, obviously...or maybe not!).

*Put your collection of hotel-sized goodies to good use; they are the perfect additions to the basket (if you can bear to part with them!).

2. Candle

Candles perform all kinds of wonderful jobs, from making a room smell amazing to providing a warm, comforting glow. The beautiful flicker of a candle makes guests instantly feel relaxed and at home. If your guest has a favorite scent, make the extra effort to provide it, and they can take it home with them as a personal keepsake!

*If you don't know what they like, choose a subtle scent like Nest’s Grapefruit candle which isn’t too perfumy.  

3. Fresh Towels

Time to ditch those stained or mismatched towels and give your guests the finest in the house. Make sure they are fluffy and clean (and smell yummy).

*Provide an entire set – washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel. 

4. Water

We all know that traveling is dehydrating, so having water readily available is a necessity. It also allows guests to quench their thirst during the night without having to creep to the kitchen. If you don't want to offer plastic water bottles, place a water pitcher with a glass on a tray. Not only will it quench their thirst but it will also add a lovely personal touch. Provide a few easy snacks like Kind Bars to squash the midnight munchies!

*We love this sleek, modern Style Setter Soho 2-piece water set.

5. Charging Station

Staying connected is a way of life these days, so providing a charging station (or at least a convenient outlet) is crucial.

*Make sure to provide the wifi password so they can get online quickly without having to ask.

6. Fresh Flowers

They smell beautiful, emit oxygen, and bring any room come to life. Again, if your guest has a favorite color or type of flower, personalization always adds bonus points.

*Keep it simple by clipping greens from your yard and putting them in your favorite vase.

7. Notepad and Pen

It's a thoughtful little addition that goes a long way. They'll likely be so inspired by all your personal home touches that they'll need to jot them down for themselves! These from Bliss Collection are too cute.

*Write a personal welcome note on the first page.

8. Personalize

Especially if your guest is a special friend, make sure you add something to go the extra mile: their favorite bottle of wine, a personal playlist, favorite snacks, or prepare a homemade meal.

*Frame a photo of the two of you (or the group) and place on the nightstand.

9. Games

If your guests are bringing kids, make sure to have a few little things on hand to entertain them (base the items on their age). Things like headphones, crossword puzzles, crayons, paper and a simple craft can keep them busy and engaged.  

10. Give them Space

This one is often overlooked. It's likely your guests have had a long day or need to catch up on emails. Allowing them some alone time is a real gift.  For time-starved people, it can feel like a vacation to have some "me time"!

Knowing that someone has taken the time to prepare for your arrival is the best way to show your appreciation for their effort. If you are the guest, make sure to send a handwritten thank you note. In today's digital world, they have a profound impact.

 What do you do to make your guests feel welcome?

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