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Interior Design Predictions for 2024: How Lifestyle Will Influence Design

As we approach a new year, anticipation builds over which interior design trends will shape our spaces in 2024. Renowned designer and globe-trotter Philippa Radon, provides us with a unique perspective based on her journeys through major US and European design exhibitions, offering a sneak peek into the future of design. Dive in to discover which styles she believes will rise to prominence and which will stand the test of time.

"We are thrilled to share with you our predictions for interior design in 2024, which are deeply influenced by our collective desire for simplicity, ease, and sustainability." - Philippa

1. Groutless Tile Installs 

This year, we are witnessing a transition towards more eco-friendly, earthy, raw organic finishes in tile installations, notably ones without grout. This groutless approach offers a sleek, modern aesthetic, resulting in a seamless 'wet zone' experience inspired by nature. Moreover, it also alleviates the typical maintenance associated with grouted tiles.

2. Surface Mount Shower Fixtures

The industrial aesthetic continues its dominance with surface-mounted shower fixtures, wherein the pipes are deliberately exposed rather than concealed within the walls. Adding to this bolder trend, we are witnessing a rising demand for bath tub caddies, enhancing the indulgence of a relaxing soak with the luxury of reading a book or sipping wine. We're loving the fusion of retro charisma and modern flair in bathroom design.

3. The Enduring Allure of Wallpaper

c2 paint design predictions wallpaper

Wallpaper is enjoying a renaissance in contemporary design, proving that it is far from being a relic of the past. In fact, it has solidified its position as a cornerstone of modern interior styling. Particularly gaining traction are audacious and eye-catching patterns, luxuriously shimmering metallics, and richly tactile textures. These elements are making waves, especially in powder rooms and on accent walls. The concept is to craft pockets of enchantment and allure, turning what were once lackluster spaces into thrilling design feats.

4. Understated Luxury

2024 heralds a revival of enduring elegance, with a modern spin—envision a subtler form of luxury that radiates discreet sophistication. This lifestyle trend advocates for a mindset of thoughtful consumption, emphasizing the purchase of fewer items but investing in pieces of superior quality, and incorporating upcycling where feasible. It's a celebration of the narratives woven into each possession, an approach that values the significance of every piece.

5. Cordless Tabletop Lighting

It's the perfect harmony of function and aesthetics with the emerging trend of cordless tabletop lighting. These innovative pieces offer design flexibility by removing the unsightly clutter of cords, allowing you to achieve a streamlined and unobtrusive look. In addition, their portability ensures that you can effortlessly move and reposition them to create the ideal ambiance for any occasion.

6. Celebrating Curves

The allure of curves shows no sign of waning. These gentle, organic shapes bring a sense of comfort and fluidity to our living spaces. They invite relaxation and conversation, breaking the monotony of straight lines. Whether in the form of curvy sofas, rounded tables, or arching doorways, embracing curves in your interior design is a subtle nod to the timeless appeal of nature-inspired elements.

7. Antique-Inspired Hardware

We've noticed a resurgence in the use of vintage hardware, a trend that blends sustainability with creativity. Integrating antique elements into contemporary settings adds a unique character to your home. It creates a harmonious fusion of the old and new, telling a story that's both nostalgic and forward-looking. From ornate doorknobs to rustic light fixtures, these vintage pieces can be a subtle or bold statement, depending on your taste.

8. Rethinking Living Spaces

Gone are the days of strictly adhering to conventional house blueprints. Homeowners are encouraged to design or modify spaces tailored to their unique needs and lifestyles. Whetherit's swapping the dining room for the office , adjusting a cupboard into a desk niche or gift wrap station, or converting an old attic into a cozy reading nook, the emphasis of home is on individuality and functionality.

9. Advocating for Quality over Quantity

This year, there's a conscious push towards sustainability not just as a buzzword, but as a genuine way of life. Consumers are recognizing the value in paying a more upfront for items that are durable and timeless. It's a reflection of a broader commitment to reduce waste and promote longevity in our purchases.

10. Embracing Matte Finishes

In a world awash with sparkle and gloss, there's a quiet rebellion taking shape. From nail polish to cars, we're seeing an uptick in the use of matte finishes. This trend extends to interior paint, where a matte finish offers an earthy, subdued aesthetic. It's less about glitz and more about quiet sophistication. Besides its visual appeal, matte paint has a practical advantage too. Its ability to hide wall imperfections makes it a versatile choice for creating a soft, luxurious ambiance in your home.



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