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4 Ways to be Productive at Home

As many of us hunker down at home, there are positive ways to use this precious time, whether it’s serving your local community, teaching your kids how to bake cookies or getting your house in order for spring. 

1. Organize Your Closets

We know this one is daunting but so necessary and absolutely worth the effort, especially when you can walk into your closet and actually see what you have! You just need a clear plan of action. 

Create a Plan

Designer Philippa Radon’s 333 closet approach is a full-frontal, tactical plan to conquer this intimidating project.

While the 333 Approach might be too drastic for many, it’s based on the premise that if we buy less, we buy better quality. So, for three months, you focus on having 33 key then change them out and refresh per season.

“We all tend to have too many clothes squeezed into our closets, from impulse purchases and old favourites to high fashion garments that are no longer in style.” - Philippa Radon

Radon finds that the best remedy is to do one section at a time and sort in manageable groups: 

  • footwear/belts & bags/accessory items 
  • coats and jackets 
  • dresses/separates 
  • t-shirts and pants
  • any other items  

Sort  - Ask yourself: does this bring me joy? Have I worn it in the past year? If not, does it really need to stay? Focus on your favorite essentials and create new ways to mix them up. Donate to a good cause like Dress for Success that provides clothing to women who need them for job interviews. 

Stay Focused – Let’s face it, as you sift through your closet, it’s likely that you might come across some relics like that box of high school photos that can push you off track for hours on end. 

2. Paint a Room 

With more time at home, there is likely some free time to tackle those half-done home improvement projects. One of the easiest and most transformative ways to refresh a room is to give it a new coat of paint. Whether you are doing it yourself (maybe now’s the time!) or hiring professionals, it’s important to get the color right. Click here for tips for choosing the right paint color or head to the C2 Color Palette for online inspiration. Many paint companies are offering delivery and pick up services to better serve their customers.

Be brave! Take a bold colour direction for an accent wall or the back of an open bookcase - to liven the dominant room colour and make a noticeable difference without too much of an investment. - Philippa Radon 

3. Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

From sanitizing your appliances (and, for crying out loud, those devices!) to switching over your closets, it’s often best to break these tasks down into smaller steps. This 30-day spring cleaning list from The Spruce can help you conquer every corner so you can prepare for sunnier days!

4. Plan Your Garden

What’s more empowering than growing your own food? Though a garden is a labor of love (aka a major commitment), there is nothing more rewarding than being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor…literally. It’s also a crucial opportunity to teach your children that food does not come from the supermarket, but instead, there is a whole chain of events that occur nature before it gets to your plate. The bio eco-system needs support and our bodies crave real nourishment that is only provided by homegrown, non-modified sources. Look for more gardening information on an upcoming post. 

My Garden is my most beautiful masterpiece – Claude Monet 

If you are a beginner, there are a few things to ask yourself:

  • What kind of garden do I want? An herb garden, butterfly garden, or organic vegetable garden? Each of these will require a separate plan. Click here for some good ideas from Gardening Knowhow.
  • What will it look like? – Once you decide which kind of garden you want, map it out. Determine where it will go (i.e if it needs full sun, partial shade, can be grown indoors, etc.) Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you have to learn how to till and plant corn, you can start with something as simple as this microgreens garden or simply create an herb garden – the smell of rosemary and lavender will transform your home!  The Farmer’s Almanac offers great examples of various layouts, from kitchen gardens to large scale vegetable gardens.

For gardening info on the go, these 10 apps can help your gardening skills blossom!

Creating a home we love to live in can create an atmosphere that is both energizing and calming, and a welcome reprieve from the chaos of the world around us. If you are looking for help with your home improvement projects please reach out to one of our C2 Paint Retailers.