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May Featured Color: Churchill, C2-730

By Philippa Radon

Let’s talk a little colour psychology for a refresh before embarking on this month’s featured color,because with a broader knowledge, careful thought and experimentation it is possible to develop enough color confidence to implement beautiful schemes.

It’s important to remember the profound mental and physical effects of the colours we surround ourselves with. Our choices will resonate emotionally and contribute to reducing the low-level stresses of modern daily life. Colour can elevate our mood, calm our racing minds and help us rejuvenate our spirit.

“Colour connects with us on a sensory level. It triggers feelings and memories that influence our mood, inspires creativity, and supports higher productivity levels, depending on the tone.” 

So, dive a little deeper into the adventure of colour to build a personal case study. What colours connect with your spirit as well as the intended function of the space? After all, your space is there to nurture you!


An Invigorating + Healing Blue

Churchill is an opaque, rich, and invigorating blue-green. “If you pair it with greens it will appear more blue; if you pair with a blues, it morphs into more of a green.” Therefore, I would strongly suggest taking a sample of this colour with you when shopping for materials so you can envision the overall picture. Is the colour the "main driver" of the room or an accent colour that needs pairing?

Like Winston Churchill himself, this color historically representsassuredness, boldness and independence. It’s a perfect choice for any spacewanting a blast ofcolour that positively impacts mind, body, and overall well-being. Its deep saturation prevails in both low and bright light, creating a fresh, dramatic setting.

Imagine sitting on a tropical beach relishing a vast, clear ocean. Mix in some other brights like fuchsia, coral and golds for exceptional colour value.

Churchill subtly dances between blue and green, offering a mystical sense of serenity that supports its many healing qualities.

Remember that colour is never seen in isolation but is always in a relationship with other colours. It can be an intentional pairing or viewpoint influences (these are the indirect connecting colours that sit outside of the main focal space). Consider your pairing possibilities for some diverse opportunities with Churchill, perhaps looking to history to see how to best choose your colors.

In the 1920s, domestic diva and anti-minimal decorator Dorothy Draper (also known as the first interior designer) said; “you can never judge a paint hue by the liquid colour in the pot; you must apply it and wait for the paint to dry and then decide.” So, look at samples in various placements and times of the day since full-spectrum colors like C2 Paint respond to natural light changes. 

Amy Studebaker Design photographed by Alise O'Brian. Image via @thespruce

Another artistic influencer, Frida Kahlo, whose mastery of colour was influenced by her life in the New Mexico desert, constantly challenged her artistic bent. “I am my own muse, the subject I know best.” So, choose colours that resonate for you personally, and that bring your spirit to life. You can’t ever go wrong if the colour makes YOU happy.

If you feel overwhelmed by choosing colour, you can always schedule a consult with me HERE!

“I am my own muse, the subject I know best.” - Frida Kahlo

My Favourite Colour Pairings for Churchill

We tend to feel more at ease with colours that follow nature. Soft blues and greens pair exceptionally well with Churchill to give an embracing palette that reflects on the land and water natural elements. 

Try: Whitewater (C2-737) or A Cappella (C2-717) for some fresh calming reflective inspiration.

Entertaining the notion of Churchill in a bedroom can be incredibly nurturing when paired with pinks and warm rosy saturated colours. So often these spaces are neglected, but our sleep patterns are influenced by our mood and we all need a refuge to relax and recoup.

Try: Sorbet (C2-528) and even Bel Ange Rose (C2-511)

Accents of bright red or yellow and deep saturated more wine tones create a warm and rich look for striking high-intensity contrast touches that would be gorgeously embracing.

Try: C2 Tallulah (C2-502), Mulberry (C2-507) and Red Stiletto (C2-52) Tassel (C2-636)

Or try with dark midnight blue like Baritone (C2-741) and brass gold highlights in hardware or lighting for drama. 

Hard surface compliments: light marble and basalt, rich and earthy hued materials like terracotta, tarnished silver metals, and the softer golds with bleached light woods all pair nicely with this blue tone.

Shop Churchill here!

If you are in need colour or design direction, I am here to help you express your personal style! Just give me a shout at philippa@philipparadondesign.com. 

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