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43rd Annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase Highlights

Terremoto Landscape. Photo by Caitlin Atkinson. C2 Color: Scroll.
The 43rd annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase is open to the public—virtually—following months of delays. And it's spectacular. Built in 1926, the Mediterranean-style house is located at 22nd Ave. in the West Clay Park neighborhood near Seacliff. The 6,500 square-foot home features three levels with 27 design spaces, including five bedrooms, five and a half baths, a media/entertainment space, reading room, wine cellar, and an optimal floor plan for indoor and outdoor living.

C2 Paint dealer Mark Fogelman from Tamalpais Paint worked directly with designers to help bring their vision to life on both the interior and exterior of the home.

Christopher Stark, who specializes in fine art and interior photography, has been covering for the Showcase since 2008. "I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to photograph so many creative and visually stunning environments." 

"As I step into the designer’s space I try to absorb the essence of the design and capture it in the best light possible — sometimes working collaboratively with the designer but many times working on my own — and convey a story.  I really want the viewer to be able to experience what the space actually feels like.  - Christopher Stark

Here are just a few of the colorful Showcase highlights!


“Nature Always Wins” Entryway by Chelsea Brown, Leap Interiors

Photography by Christopher Stark

C2 Paint Color: Maine (C2-695)

Chelsea Brown, co-owner of Leap Interiors, chose C2 Maine as the beautiful backdrop to the showcase entryway. “Our room is a study of the dichotomy between the strength and fragility of our natural world. The design captures the hopeful moment of nature’s reemergence and rebirth following a destructive event, such as a wildfire.” The wall covering by MJ Atelier features hand-painted and hand-formed three-dimensional butterflies, gilded with 23-karat gold and white gold. The butterflies represent the air element of the room.

Modern Mediterranean Breakfast Nook & Kitchen by Regan Baker Design

Designer: Regan Baker Design

C2 Paint Color: Spanish Moss (C2-695) on window, millwork, and wall panels. C2-Scroll (C2-980) on Walls, ceiling, baseboards, door trim.

Taking cues from the existing architecture of the Mediterranean-style home, Baker’s goal was to blend traditional influences with contemporary design elements like the decorative brass accents. “We used a color palette that feels earthy, unsaturated, and timeless.” She used C2-Scroll on the walls, ceiling, baseboards, and trim and C2-Spanish Moss on the windows, custom shaker cabinetry, and wall panels.

Guest Bath by Barbara Bright Design

C2 Paint Colors: Sorcerer (C2-758); Ceiling - Architectural White (C2-516)

The designer selected a deep blue wall tile with a curvaceous petal pattern to evoke the appearance of a tranquil Mediterranean Sea, juxtaposed with a black and white marble mosaic tile on the floor and tub wall. A Moroccan inspired mirror and pendants add richness and unity to the design. According to Bright-Walls, “Sorcerer, a luxurious and moody dark blue/black paint set the stage for all the other elements in the bathroom to shine.”

Listening Room by Chad Dorsey Design

Photography by Christopher Stark

C2 Paint Color: Ginger Snap (C2-516)

The Listening Room was imagined as a retreat for the owners of 22nd Ave. Designed as a space to escape, rejuvenate, and listen to music. The room is grounded by The Rug Company’s Slate Mohair Rug and walls painted in C2-Ginger Snap walls. “The ceilings aren’t overly high in the space,” says Dorsey. “The hand-painted ceiling was a way to make the room feel taller and draw your eye up. It was the same reason I chose a monochromatic palette for the walls and moldings.”

Lumber Slumber Kids Room by Benni Amadi Interiors

Photography by Christopher Stark

C2 Paint Colors: Architectural White (C2-516) on ceiling and walls;  Stream (C2-937) on custom cabin bed; Foliage (C2-661) on custom bed door fronts.

High amid towering treetops, the imaginations of two young boys take flight. This bedroom mimics the magic of childhood tree forts and endless adventure at every turn. Walls were painted in C2 Architectural White, the custom bed used C2 Stream and door fronts feature C2 Foliage. Decorative details like the brass accents were provided by Hoffman Hardware. Amadi stated, “We decided on these two colors because green is a restful and quiet color. Because it symbolizes nature, green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colors that attracts harmonious feelings that can diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed.” 

The Liquid Lounge & Cala Mezcal by Tineke Triggs, Artistic Designs for Living

Photography by Christopher Stark

C2 Paint colors: Paperclip (C2-928) for the wall; Ceiling is a pattern of The walls are Paperclip (C2-928). The ceiling is a pattern of Paperclip (C2-928), Stout (C2-965), and Merlot (C2-503).

The Liquid Lounge is meant to bring joy, while also being interactive and provocative. Its design was influenced by high fashion, iconic architects, and postmodern designers of the 1980s, and each piece was carefully chosen to be experiential. Triggs was also inspired by elements of the Memphis movement which took ideas from Art Deco and Pop Art. The ceiling, which is a custom pattern of Paperclip C2-928Stout C2-965, and Merlot C2-503, brings the room to life with bright colors, abstract geometric shapes, and bold patterns.

The Sundown Lounge by Chroma

Photography by Sam Frost

C2 Paint Color: Esoteric (C2-989)

This is a game room, a cocktail lounge, a space for reading, listening to music, and talking the night away. The walls, trim, door, and casings are lime-washed in an inspired finish by C2 Esoteric. The ceiling’s custom pattern design uses a single color inspired by the same C2 Paint color. The craftsmen at Color Atelier combined three distinct plaster techniques; typical plasterwork, plaster relief, and plaster burnishing, to allow the pattern to emerge from the ceiling as though three colors were used. Ceiling mural templating by Pagoda Arts.

“We love to create tonal textures by using big swaths of bold color. We had Color Atelier apply it using three different plaster techniques to achieve different finishes that make parts of the design look darker, even though they’re not.”

"Botanica" Stairwell and Landing by DZine Gallery

Photography by Christoper Stark

 C2 Paint Color: Custom back created by Tamalpais Paint

A dramatic stairwell and expansive upstairs landing are conceived and arranged as an art exhibition and gallery to immerse the viewer within a modern rendition of a historical botanical folio. The walls are painted a custom black pigment representing the artist’s process, setting off the botanical photographs.

“We transformed the main staircase and upper landing into a gallery. In doing so, we painted the walls black to mimic the artist’s process. The effect is dramatic and amplifies the impact of the artwork.”

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Your purchase of Virtual Showcase includes access to two unique tours of the 2020 Showcase House. The first tour is a comprehensive video walk-through of the house and landscaped spaces. The second tour consists of three self-guided 3D interactive tours. The combination of these tours provide a highly detailed and immersive experience.

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For the past 43 years, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase has raised over $17 million to benefit the San Francisco University High School financial aid program. This event has allowed hundreds of deserving Bay Area students access to a world-class college preparatory education.  

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