As we transition into fall - with the threshold of winter before us - we find ourselves coveting the more embracing aspects of home. In our search for connection with (and acceptance of) our new daily routines, we look to nature to provide inspiration and direction as we watch it instinctively morph and surrender to each new season with enthusiasm and grace. 

The rich, bold colors of fall deliver a welcome dose of warmth in renewing ways, while gentle, complex neutrals and organic textures honor a quiet and comforting design aesthetic.


Peppermint (C2-714)

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This popular blue-green shade exudes a feeling of tranquility and stillness as if air and water became one.

Archival (C2-785)

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Soft and harmonious, its airy, ethereal nature is both grounding and warm, while the soft hue provides a versatile background for any accent. 

"We wanted to assemble a palette that reinvigorates your sense of balance and well being through nature's brush and opens up new style streams for inspiring home collections with warm, evocative, and expressive colours that represent the richer, more saturated side of nature. Each color offers the opportunity to multi-layer with textural fabrics, woods, and metals in lighter or darker pairings to represent your own distinct mix!" - C2 Color Specialist, Philippa Radon

Espionage (C2-742)

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A rich, deep-water blue that resembles the glowing tide of a mysterious moonlit ocean.

Grand Canyon (C2-555)

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A nod to one of nature’s most coveted natural wonders, this saturated, earthy color provides a majestic warmth that invigorates the soul.

Foliage (C2-661)

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This rich green leads you deep into the forest, providing a canopy of lush green for a dramatic backdrop.

Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen.  - Albert Camus

Traditionally, Autumn is a season of letting go. It's the perfect time for a fresh perspective, to erase old habits, and allow the new season to be one of rebirth and renewal!

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