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Inspiring Office Spaces

With so many of us working from home, our offices can provide a welcome change of scenery. Especially if you're lucky enough to have a separate space to call your own. It’s also the perfect place to take a design risk, so try a color or style that speaks to you. 

Here are some of our favorite Pinterest home offices. Click HEREto see all the inspiration!

Deep Tones

Image via aglassofbovino.com

While some may think that dark walls = depressing, they can actually be quite the opposite. Considered a “new neutral,” deeper tones (and even black) are moody in the sense that they react with the light throughout the day. Though dark walls get a bad rap for making rooms look smaller, they work well in compact spaces because the dark wall color tends to blur the edges of a room.

Adding C2 Paint Espionage #742 to the bookcase creates depth and dimension.


Girl Boss

A soft, relaxing retreat. Image via thismamaloveslife

When you’re a boss, you pretty much do what you want, especially when decorating your office. Embrace the power of your feminine side with soft, modern pieces that reflect your personal style. In the words of one of the OG girl bosses, Beyonce: who runs the world? Girls!

Crisp, clean + minimal. Image via apartmentnumber4.com



Get creative with organic shapes. Image via casavogue.globo.com

Having a nature-inspired home office helps keep you grounded and focused, from organic shapes to natural textures and materials. Adding foliage not only adds a colorful finishing touch, but it also helps keep the oxygen moving. Perfect for those morning mantras.

Clean lines highlight natural textures. Image via studio-mcgee.com

Kids Space

Bright stripes! Image via casavogue.globo.com

With many kids attending school virtually this year, it’s helpful to have a space where they can stay organized and engaged. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a fun, kitschy space that caters to their creativity.

Pretty pops of color. Image via customizando.net_kids.com

Light and Airy

Creams, whites and texture = instant chic. Image via couturemagazine.mx

What’s more essential to our being than light and air? Keep things minimal and bright and let nature do the designing, so you can stay focused and inspired.

Organization at its finest. Image via thepaperchronicles.com

Modern Glam

Showpiece lighting completes the room. Image via Pinterest

If you have been hesitant to glam it up in other areas of your home, this is a chance to channel your inner diva! Add some sparkle, texture, and shine and create a space that reflects your Mom Mogul status.

Not sure what we love more, the artwork or the geometric shapes! Image via jjonedesignco.com



Designer Katie Monkhouse used C2 Paint Ravine #731 to create an attractive backdrop.


One of the most critical aspects of an office is that it’s fully functional. In fact, most spaces in our home pull double duty these days. Many of us don’t have an extra room on hand, so we have to figure out how to make what we have work. Find a nook, grab a table, and make it your own!

 A wooden backdrop adds a unique touch. Image via sweeten.com


Color POP

A bold pink rug completes the room. Image via rustic-crafts.com.

Staying inspired all day requires one key element: color! From wall paint to artwork and accessories, color is a perfect way to pull your office - and mind - together.

A beautiful mix of soft and bold colors. Image via sugarandcloth.com


Room with a View

A painted floor and views for days. Image via Pinterest

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who have the luxury of looking out into the mountains, admiring a cityscape, or meditating to the ebb and flow of the ocean, we can all still dream (or change our screen saver photo). If you do have a view, set up your desk and let the inspiration flow!

Envious view of the CO mountains. Image via luxesource.com


 For more PINspiration follow us here!



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