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Cabinet Trends for 2021: Six Ways to Upgrade

These six cabinet trends will be making their way to homes near you in the coming year. 

Kitchen cabinets in Wicked (C2-501) 

1. Color + Contrast

Nothing says “welcome” like a colorful kitchen. Using brighter hues or contrasting neutrals is a great way to express the personality of your home. home. For those faithful to crisp, white kitchens, consider painting the island in a high contrast hue to the field cabinetry for a delightful dose of color.

Kitchen island in Maine (C2-695)

2. Dark + Moody

Dark blue cabinets with black subway tile via

Using dark paint doesn't mean you’ll be stuck with muddy, over-saturated colors. In fact, deep tones can totally transform a space. Full-spectrum formulas in colors like Espionage (C2-742) and Stout (C2-965) don't use black ink (which typically dulls color) and actually reflect the natural light, so it remains luminous. Combine with reclaimed woods and mixed metals for a designer-inspired palette. Adding a metal grille (available in a variety of patterns) to front upper cabinet inserts is a fun, decorative option to a solid door. 

metal grates add an easy decorative accent

3. Mighty + Minimal 

A minimal aesthetic in the kitchen helps keep your house -- and your mind - uncluttered and organized and can also visually expand the area. Designers are ditching the hardware in lieu of touch release or finger pull cut out cabinets to further commit to a sleek overall look. 

Subway tile and cut out pulls. Image via @remodelista

To maximize space, incorporate built-in banquette seating. Both practical and appealing, jazz it up with another trend we are seeing: paint color and Naugahyde metallic seat covers.

4. Wall to Wall 

Image via Pinterest

Maximize storage and style by installing wall to wall and cabinets. Taking it one step further, we’re seeing appliances with panel fronts, so they are disguised to look like the cabinets. 

Add some cool jewel-like hardware for some interest and pizzazz. 

Eddie Ross bamboo pulls for Addison Weeks

5. Totally Tiled

While it's certainly not a new trend, there are many ways to keep tile current. Wading through all the options can seem daunting, so here a few highlights on our list:

  • Matte Tiles - because they are not overly glossy, they have a subdued sophistication. An added bonus is that they don't show water spots as easily.
  • Subway Tiles - before you say, "that's so 2018", subway tiles are still popular. However, we will be seeing these in unique sizes, colors, and contemporary design patterns. Using a contrasting grout color adds a modern spin. 
Smaller subway tiles with contrasting grout. Image via
  • Natural Tiles - Natural textures like wood and cement helps bring the outside in and further confirms the design world’s love for sustainable materials. Try mixing natural stone tiles and other materials, such as concrete, with wood or cement tiles. Newer to the scene are Metal tiles. Mixing in natural materials with reflective material is a great way to make a splash in the bathroom!
Metal reflects the natural light. Image via

    6. Sustainable Counter Tops

    Move over, granite, there are new materials in town -- and they are both sustainable and durable:

    Quartz - equally as strong as granite, Quartz has the added benefit of being more flexible, making them less likely to chip or crack. Its non-porous nature does not require any sealing, but though it’s durable, it is reactive to heat, so resist putting hot items directly on the counter. 
    Image via

    Terrazzo  - this a beautiful composite countertop material that is made by combining cement with pieces of granite, marble, glass, and additional materials. It is unique, eco-friendly, and scratch-resistant, which makes it a fantastic fit for any home. A few things to note: the cost is a bit higher than granite and quartz; it requires proper sealing, and it must be cleaned with a stone cleaner that’s suitable for this material.
    image via

    Zinc - The priciest of the bunch, Zinc is becoming popular because of the beautiful dark gray patina that it develops over time. This "living metal" is naturally porous, so it cleans easily with soap and water; however, it will require a cutting board because of its softness. Another benefit of Zinc is its naturally antibacterial properties!
    Image via

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