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7 Things to Do Before Your Next Home Renovation

Before you set out on your next home renovation adventure, make sure you've set aside some time to visualize what you want, from form to function. These interior designer-inspired hacks can help!

1. Create a Moodboard

You can create a digital version at Canva(it's super easy!), create a Pinterest board, or DIY. Grab a box lid or tray and assemble your inspiration items, like color chips, magazine tears/printouts, hardware, and anything else that you love, and use it as a reference!

2. Meditate

Yes, meditation can help you in every way, but specifically can give your brain the space it needs to silence your mind and discover what you really want out of your space. Once you find its purpose, work backward from there.

3. Learn to Layer


When creating a functional and fabulous space, it's important to consider every surface. Let color, form, space, texture, pattern, line, and light be your guide. As you create your mood boards, be sure to pull your favorites in these categories – every piece plays a part in the design story.

4. Let it Flow

Think of your home in terms of how it flows from room to room and make sure it's compatible. Start with three colors - base color, trim color, and accent color - and go from there. Accent walls, furniture, and accessories are a great way to infuse color without painting the whole room.

5. Find a Focus

Every room should have a focal point, whether it's the fireplace, a stand-out piece of artwork, a green velvet couch - you get the picture. If you are having trouble deciding on décor, find one piece you love and design around it. That way, you have a base from which to work.

6. Make it Personal

Look to your personal design style for inspiration – what colors dominate your closet? Do you love bright, vibrant fashion, or are you more into chic neutrals? Let your personality shine through your home. It will help guide you – even if it takes you to places you didn't think you'd go. Maybe it's a time to take chances or mix and match your styles! Don't limit yourself.

7. Talk to a Pro

If you find the thought of choosing color overwhelming, spending an hour is worth its weight in gold! An experienced professional can help you focus, relax and discover colors that work for you! Click here to make an appointment with our fabulous C2 Paint design consultant!

 What inspires your decor? We'd love to know!

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