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Fall in Love with Firefly, C2-567


Bold colors befriend the adventurers who appreciate that taking risks can reap great rewards. The color red is powerfully transformative, especially when used as a paint color. This chic yet contradictory color represents love and war, danger and courage, passion and dominance– and jolts us into 2022 with a newfound resilience and energy.

January Color Profile: Firefly, C2-567


Warm and energizing, this brilliant vermillion takes cues from a true, bright red with a robust orange side. This unreserved, often theatrical color is both striking and embracing - but don’t let its vibrance fool you; it has warm undertones that can create an immersive feel. Firefly and similar red tones like Fandango #527 and Tango #566 can readily become the hero color of any space.


Firefly is an all-season color choice for rooms with high social activity or a space that seeks motivation or attention. Though it falls on the brighter, more modern side of the red family, it can also be tamed to reflect its quieter side by layering other elements like fabrics, hard surface materials, compliment paint colors, wallpaper, soft furnishings, and plants. 

“Be brave, emboldened, imaginative, and view possibilities with a newly framed perspective for your color direction; adding a color like Firefly can lift your spirits and add a higher vibration to any space when threaded through the home in various ways."

How to Use Firefly (and other orangey-reds)

Like any vivid color, you can use a lot to make a big statement or a little to add just a splash!

1. Go All Out

As they say, “go big or go home.” Make a major - and modern - statement by using it as a full-color wrap that sweeps through a roomscape on all walls and trim. 

2. Just a Dash 

Use inside a cabinet for a flashy, unreserved surprise of color.

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens (bhg.com) 

3. Shiny & Bright 

Try a glossy finish. Its signature shine finish instantly creates a more sophisticated and creative look on walls and furniture. a gloss finish also presents a dramatic front door that shouts, “welcome home!” Accent with large, overly filled urns and greenery to complete the entranceway look.

4. Take it Traditional

This nuanced red is incredibly versatile, from the classic red, white and blue combinations that fall effortlessly into traditionally styled rooms to a more modern take on traditional Asian-influenced inspirations. Red, white and blue Chinoiserie makes your look an instant classic. 

Image via Nellhills.com

5. Extravagant Exterior

Be the envy of your neighborhood with this traditional combination of Firefly, a black door in Aperture and crisp, white trim in Sheer!

Image via hgtv.com

Accent Colors

Pair With

Mind the Gap Tsuru Indigo Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper –Jean Paul Gaultier Hirondelles or Mind the Gap Tsuru Indigo 
  • Accent metal: Antique or polished brass provides a soft connection between surfaces
  • Accent wood tone: Go for the blackened, charred Asian finish Shou Sugi Ban or a bleached-out warm wood tone with a modern spirit.

Need help choosing a color that’s perfect for you and your space? Click here to make an appointment with our color, design, and lifestyle specialist, Philippa Radon!

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