C2 Feature Color 2022: Olive Branch


Humans need connection: with others, nature, our homes, and ourselves. The 2022 C2 Paint Feature Color brings the powerful combination of “nurture” and “nature” into the sacred spaces where we seek refuge and recharge our spirits —our homes. Olive Branch, C2-938, is an organic, iconic, and soulful color that illustrates the dichotomy between strength and softness.


“Our team felt strongly that Olive Branch was the right choice for our 2022 Feature Color for a myriad of reasons, most of which are centered around its classicism, versatility, and meaning. The color green, in general, represents new beginnings, nature, positive energy, and sustainability — all concepts that are relevant today. However, this versatile, mid-tone green takes it a step further by speaking to the symbol of humanity, hope, vitality, and peace.” - Tia Clarida, Director of Marketing.

"This year, the goal was to strip everything away and present one dominant color. Over time – as your tastes and inclinations change – it’s a simpler way to create a fresh look from a singular element."

There is an intrinsic beauty in the olive branch because it bears such a profound, symbolic meaning. It represents peace, forgiveness, and humanity in its purest form, dating back to Greek mythology.

The organic roots of Olive Branch provide an anchored sense of purpose. The complexity of its color is reliable, quietly strong, and dependable, while its softness offers a sense of grounding tranquility. Both rich in heritage and strong in character, it’s able to stand on its own and comfortably adapt to various design settings and styles.

MODERN UTILITY: Styling with Olive Branch

The tonal base combinations of yellow ochre, burnt and raw umber give Olive Branch a warmer presence. When layered with other olive tones, it delivers a classic style for both interiors and fashion. A more modern approach pairs olive with dusty pinks, purples, creamy whites, pale grey blues, or rich, sumptuous velvety browns. 

“Olive is a color steeped in style history that we can rely on as a staple in our personal colour library to draw upon time and again,” says Color and Trend Specialist Philippa Radon. It’s the underestimated versatility that makes Olive Branch such a useful, timeless color.”


Olive Branch embraces a warm, restful mood and can step forth confidently as a primary color or pair comfortably with other colors from the natural world  from soft woodsy tones and contrasting elements to the brightest blooms.

Light & Natural 

Pair with a soft color with a blush undertone like Waterchestnut (C2-818) and layer neutrals colors for a more tonal affect.

Cool & Contemporary


Chopin Etude (C2-947)and Ella (C2-719) bring freshness and modernity.

Dark and Moody

Dark colors can be calming and sophisticated. Try accenting Olive Branch with Jailhouse Rock (C2-950) and Black Bean (C2-949).

The Right White Accents

White trim and accents pair perfectly with Olive Branch. Try Chit Chat (C2-964) for a more muted look or Sheer (C2-788) for crisp contrast.

Bringing the colors of nature into your home is a joyful way to create a warm, grounding effect while paying homage to the beauty that resides outside our four walls!

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